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  • Leadership specialist

  • Strategy

  • Futurist & Global Trends 

Keith shares his experience with audiences around the world, helping them understand the leadership response to a global context of change, complexity and uncertainty. 

Keith's research, and 20 years of international experience, has clearly identified the key-defining factor for a successful leader in the 21st century as the ability to learn, grow and be adaptable. 

He believes that leaders need to have access to new frameworks and thinking in order to successfully lead into the future.

The greatest threat for most leaders right now is...

not the turbulence in their marketplaces and industries, but rather applying yesterday's logic to tomorrow's world. The global context, complexity and connectedness present entirely new challenges for contemporary leaders. Keith works with clients around the world to show them how to respond. 


Presentations Keith is best known for

Future Fit Leadership

A strategic exploration of the future of leadership and what it will take to thrive in the future.


Leading in a Changing World

Lessons for Future-focused Leaders - based on the best-selling book

Tomorrow's World Today

The disruptive forces shaping the world right now, and how we should respond

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