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Criselda Dudumashe, a mother, Managing Director of Positive Talk Services, a wellness activist, Metro-fm Talk Show Host and Kaelo stories of hope presenter, has been actively involved in the advocacy for the rights of both HIV infected and HIV non-infected people, recorded an 8 track CD titled Positive Talk and has written a Positive Living booklet focusing on factual, simplified, practical HIV AND WELLNESS information. Positive Talk CD was recorded with the purpose of inspiring individuals, to not only take responsibility for their health, but also to find purpose and passion in living. As Criselda I am testament to my belief that living with HIV, has taught me to treasure every day. What seemed to be a death sentence back 10 years ago, when I tested positive to HIV anti-bodies has turned into the greatest opportunity for me to learn and teach methods of living and growing in any challenge. I focus my attention on the many aspects of my life that I can control. It is therefore possible that we can reduce the number of deaths significantly by empowering the individual. You can help bridge the information gap by giving your employees a Positive Talk World AIDS Day Gift of Life.

The Key messages being the 3 R's
 Respect for self
 Respect others
 Responsibility for own choices

The content of “Positive Talk” has been extensively researched.
The “Positive Talk” CD focuses on:

 A message of hope
Far too many people have died; the time is now that we start viewing the millions of people not as just numbers but human beings who had daily life challenges.
 My diagnosis
Many campaigns focus on what others should do for me and how they should behave around me. My bitter/sweet life with HIV has taught me that my health is my responsibility.

 How we all can make a difference
There are three kinds of people, those infected and know their status, those affected and those very ignorant. This tract helps us to reflect and look at how we can change the acronym AIDS to Am I Doing Something

 Why we should test?
The benefits of knowing your status, negative or positive

 Treatment options available
Exploring actionable options, medical and non-medical. Medicine has evolved with time it’s comforting to know that I can manage my immune deficiency with the many options available.

 Understanding the AIDS speak
Simple explanation to some of the medical jargon used on HIV and AIDS
 Guidelines for appropriate use of language
Guide to help us mind our language
 Tribute Song "Beautiful Woman" celebrating inner beauty
A song celebrating beauty inside/out.

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As Positive Talk we have also developed health motivational talks called ONE ON ONE WITH CRISELDA encouraging employees or individuals to make healthy choices, health is not just about having all the relevant information but about having the will to live and making the right choices.
Presentations include but not exclusive to:
The Art of winning-
Focusing on how we should care for ourselves, in spite of the ailment or disease we are diagnosed with and how we can prevent ill-health
Living a golden life-
Focusing on how precious life is and that we need to treasure every breath we take and this talk gives guidance o how to celebrate being alive through gratitude.
Mind Your Language-
The most popular and selling talk, focusing on how we misuse language and further perpetuate stigmatization of HIV and AIDS without being aware.
Dressing for your body type-
Focusing on presenting a positive self image during an interview, a function, a funeral,etc This specially tailored for African Women. How we can use African colors without blinding those around you.

Rave Reviews

Mrs. Zanele Mbeki, ex-first lady of South Africa said in her speech during the opening of Young South African Women in Dialogue (YSAWID) - “Criselda is the hope that the World is looking for.”

Mr Nelson Mandela, former South African President, quoted Criselda as “the light for the world to see”

Criselda Dudumashe


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