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Why get Douglas Kruger to speak to your team? Douglas is the only speaker in Africa to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times. He is also Africa’s only 2nd place World Champion! Competing in Reno, Nevada in 2004, he achieved the highest ranking Africa has ever attained at this prestigious contest. Douglas will bring world-class platform skills to your conference, because not only is he a master at connecting with audiences, but his content is of an international standard. He is the author of ‘50 Ways to Become a Better Speaker,’published in South Africa and Nigeria,‘50 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert,’and co-author of ‘So You’re in Charge. Now What? 52 Ways to Become a Better Leader.’ And experience? In Africa, he has spoken and trained for organizations like: BMW, Vodacom, ABSA, Old Mutual, Caltex, Nedcor, FNB, Revlon, Alexander Forbes, Standard Bank, the JCCI, Clarins, and many more. In 2009, he produced, choreographed and co-presented a nationwide Customer Service road show for Caltex. He has also spoken as far afield as Hong Kong and the USA. He has personally coached: The Executive Director of Fairbairn Capital, the Chief Financial Officer of Barnard, Jacobs and Mellet, the Managing Director of Clarins South Africa, the CEO of PWC South Africa, and the executive management team of BMW South Africa. Douglas has been a talk-show host on SAfm and Talk Radio 702, and writes regular thought-leadership articles, which have been featured in Entrepreneur, Sales Guru and Forbesmagazines. In 2010, he was made the Face of Ford, starring in a series of TV ads. His style is easy and entertaining. He is quick-witted, humorous and always at the forefront of industry knowledge. He is experienced at working with conference conveners and knows how to assist you in meeting your goals. Expect an engaging, content-rich presentation from a presenter who knows how to make it come alive. …And has the credentials to prove it!


1. How to Position Yourself as an Industry Expert: Based on Douglas’s book, ‘50 Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert,’ this business talk looks at practical, proactive steps you can take to gain visibility and become known as the thought-leader in your industry. Don’t be the Pie-Man, selling his wares one by one. Be the guru, and they will come to you. 2. Hamster-Thinking: Learn about The Rules of Hamster-Thinking and how they impair our effectiveness. Hamsters make up rules that work against them, do things the way they’ve always been done, and do what all other hamsters would do. Discover how to think more industriously and develop your personal initiative. This motivational presentation is designed to teach your delegates to become greater ‘go-getters.’ 3. The Big Bum Theory “Do these jeans make my bum look big?” “No, honey. It’s your big bum that’s doing it.” This humorous keynote pokes fun at the culture of blame and victimhood, and shows how, by inverting it, we can set goals, strive for achievements, and move away from excuses. This presentation is designed to assist delegates with taking ownership of their lives and careers. 4. Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor? Entrepreneurs often inherent a curse from previous generations, and they’re not even aware of it: Self-limiting beliefs about wealth, work and income. This presentation changes lives. Douglas has written on the topic for Forbes magazine and been interviewed on it in the media. Packed with epiphanies, it will radically alter how entrepreneurs think about generating income. 5. How to Strategically Position your Bum Above the Butter: A humorous and insightful keynote on career growth, for those who want to make all the right moves. This presentation points out clever career moves and gives ideas for growth within an organization. 6. Get Your Head Right in Tough Times Still suffering from Recession-Mentality? Acting less because times are tough and you no longer believe they’re buying? This motivational speech is about head-space, and the vortexes that swirl through it in tough times. To survive and prosper, you have to have the right attitude. You have to harness your thinking and make it do what you need it to do. Not what the times dictate. 7. So You’re in Charge? Stop Working So Hard! 5 Ways in which leaders and mangers over-extend themselves, squander the precious resource of creative-thinking time, and become less strategic as a result of being too operational. …And what to do about it! 8. The Best of the Best: What do Stephen King and Arnold Schwarzenegger agree on? Learn the philosophies and life-approaches that all the top names in performance have in common. 9. The 7 most effective ways to truly trash a perfectly profitable team A tongue-in-cheek look at teams, what binds them, what splits them apart.

Rave Reviews

“Douglas is phenomenal. He has great expertise, is very result oriented, and also knows what it takes for organizations and people to change. His experience in speaking publicly and his Hamster’s approach is so interesting. Douglas’s understanding of processes, in particular - how to make things happen as productively as possible and what needs to be delivered at each stage - has been very valuable to us at the congress.” - Alves Duarte, 1st International Congress of Human Resources Convenor, Mozambique "Professional yet thoroughly entertaining. He kept the group spellbound from start to finish and I was personally very disappointed when he was done and it was time for him to leave as I had barely felt the time fly by and could have spent the rest of the afternoon listening to him!” - Tertia Reid, Training Adminstrator, Spar Group “Douglas has got all the qualities of a superb speaker: credibility, integrity, and obviously a very good presentation.” - Clem Sunter, Chairman, Anglo American Chairman’s Fund “…Douglas demonstrated what makes him one of the best public speakers in South Africa. …His strength of character and powerful use of the English language were motivating…” - ABSA newsletter “…Marie, I got your mail last night when I got back from BMW’s conference. They LOVED Douglas. His session with them was super successful. Thank you for the recommendation.”

Douglas Kruger


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