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Clem Sunter is the author of a number of books which are also the basis of his entertaining and informative talks.

In his latest book "Games Foxes Play", Clem shows his audience that business is really a game and if you want to succeed in business you must learn your clients' and competitiors' games. He uses the examples of the IT industry which never bothered to find out what their clients really needed; and the fertilizer industry where the farmers' game has changed enormously since the "boards" were abolished. Both of these industries would have benefited from learning their customers' games and not just assuming that the past would repeat itself. Clem is able to adjust this talk, based on the client's brief, to suit the particular industry more accurately.

Other talks presented by Clem Sunter are:

"The Mind of a Fox : Scenario Planning in Action"
"The Mind of a Fox" describes how many of the world's true leaders in politics, business and sport have succeeded by adopting the mental processes typical of the ingenuity of one of nature's most resourceful animals, the fox. Are these mental processes extraordinary? No. They are perfectly natural, and can be a powerful tool in scenario planning and making decisions. and

"Never mind the Millenium : What about the next 24 Hours?"
A fresh perspective on the current obsession with the turning of the millennium! Clem Sunter is more concerned with the here-and-now and the dramatic changes taking place in South Africa today.


Clem Sunter


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