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Summary Profile

Daniel Silke is today regarded as one of South Africa’s most influential commentators on political, economic and future trends. He is currently the Director of the Political Futures Consultancy based in Cape Town and provides a host of major blue-chip domestic and foreign clients with the latest analysis on contemporary issues.

Silke specialises in a range of highly acclaimed keynote presentations on three core areas – The South African Political Economy; The Economic State of Africa and Global Volatility, Risks and Opportunities. These three topics offer audiences the very latest research and analysis presented in a highly entertaining, yet stimulating and engaging style.

For South African corporate clients, the focus remains on the domestic economy and possible political outcomes. The complex interplay between economic strain and political change is set to dominate the domestic discourse.

Beyond South Africa, Silke has built an enviable reputation in analysing current economic developments across the African continent. Africa today provides tremendous potential but emerging headwinds are cause for concern.

Clients are also seeking out global insights into changing economic and political patterns from China to Europe; the United States; Emerging Markets and beyond. Silke specialises in global risk analysis and presents some of the most stimulating presentations available on key financial, social and political trends facing the world.

Silke’s keynotes are factual and content-driven. His research is meticulous and his speaking style relaxed yet forceful in impact. Translating the world of data into understandable trends is essential for business and Silke’s approach has won him praise across the world. Few speakers can combine the economic, political and business trend-drivers all distilled into a riveting 1-hour presentation.

All keynotes are regarded as new briefs and demand the latest, customized research in line with special interests from clients. All information is sourced and a summary PDF is available post-event.

Daniel Silke’s enviable reputation has now extended to South African and international media. His commentary can be found on Bloomberg, the BBC, Deutche Welle (Germany) and AFP. He is regularly quoted in Business Day, the Sunday Times, The Times, Moneyweb, News24 and is now a regular radio and TV contributor to (inter alia) 702/Cape Talk, Power FM, the SABC, ANN7, ENCA, Business Day TV and CNBC Africa. Silke writes regularly for Fin24 in South Africa.

Silke has recently presented in Dubai, Addis Ababa and in Amsterdam. He has also presented at the prestigious World Affairs Council in Washington DC on African economic developments. His clients include Oracle, Old Mutual, KPMG, Nedbank, RMB, Estee Lauder, Mazars, AVI and Premier Foods. Silke is an educational consultant for Duke Corporate Education and provides additional services for GLG International.


Keynote Menu 2016

South African Keynotes

The latest interpretation & analysis of the changing South African political, economic and social environment.

1. Uncharted Waters: The evolving politics and economics of South Africa – now and into the future. South Africa’s flagship political economy analysis.

Acclaimed analyst Daniel Silke presents the most comprehensive current overview of the South African economy and political situation. Complete with the latest financial indicators and insights into the political fortunes of the ANC and leadership changes to come. 

2. South Africa & the World: The Global, African & South African political economy in perspective.

A comprehensive account of the latest macro-economic trends from South Africa and beyond her borders. Extend your knowledge to the African and global economy as Daniel Silke summarises developments in the USA, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the BRICS nations and Asia.

3. The Saga of Modern South Africa: An introduction to South Africa’s transformation and quest for stable democracy. Exclusively designed for in-bound foreign audiences!

Daniel Silke presents a broad introduction to South Africa and how the country is governed. Includes an overview of the story of the new South Africa from the dark days of the past, through the Mandela years towards a new system of government and the unique transition to democracy.  Fully updated to include an overview of the last 21 years of democracy and prospects for the future.

African Keynotes

4. Arise Africa: Delivering on its Promise? Flagship insights into the current state of Africa’s economy & future prospects.

Following a decade of almost unstoppable growth, Africa now faces a series of global and domestic headwinds as commodity prices drop and budgets are under pressure. But the fundamentals remain strong for the continent to become a powerhouse in the future. Get the latest macro-economic and trend analysis for the continent expertly presented and analysed. A balanced, yet positive account of Africa’s progress and challenges now and into the future.

5. The African Future: The Compelling Case for Investing in Africa.  Constantly updated & always essential!

In May 2000, the Economist Magazine referred to Africa as ‘The Hopeless Continent”. A decade later, the same magazine extolled the virtues of Africa in another cover story – this time more positively entitled ‘Africa Rising’. Hear a positive account of the top reasons why investing on the continent will be an essential part of any business strategy into the future.

International Keynotes

6. Global Watch 2016 & Beyond: Volatility, Risks & Opportunity. Brand New – the Top 10 Risks & Opportunities for the World

Global political and macro-economic events have created a new degree of volatility in the world. Hear the latest assessment of the top 10 risks and also assess how these risks offer unique investment opportunities. Daniel Silke brings economics, finance and global change to life in this compelling take on the international situation.

7. Emerging Worlds: The influence & impact of Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa (BRICS) & the rise of the restBrand new insights & analysis!

Once the darling of the global investment community, the BRICS now find themselves struggling sometimes politically and economically. Daniel Silke presents a macro-economic and political analysis of the core trends in the member countries and also assesses the role of Emerging Markets into the future.

8. The State of the World: The Global Economy in 2016. New insights into the latest economic trends facing theworld.

Looking for an insightful and informative take on current global economic conditions? Daniel Silke’s new keynote offers just that. Silke takes financial charts and economic trends - distilled into an hour - and makes it entertaining and compelling. Go literally ‘around the world’ in 45 minutes with this macro-economic overview.

9. Tracking the Future: Top Trends to Shape & Shift the World! 

Daniel Silke presents a compelling and highly entertaining new analysis of the top global economic, political, social & technological trends that will transform the world over the coming decades. Constantly updated with the latest trend drivers, Silke identifies key areas of dramatic change that will affect us as individuals or in the business environment. May be customised to specific industries and can include a broader economic analysis. 

Tracking the Future:Leadership Training & Workshop

Tracking the Future is now also available in a workshop format. The presentation will be followed by a moderated group discussion to dissect each trend, its relevance and effect on business and on the immediate macro corporate & social environment. Alternatively, breakaway groups can individually analyse selected trends and report back to a plenary.

10. The Consumer of the Future: How political, economic, social & technological trends influence & drive the discerning consumer.  

The world is changing rapidly and the consumer of the future is upon us. In this important and timely presentation, Daniel Silke identifies a series of key social, political, economic and technological trends and shows how these will affect every aspect of the customer experience in the years to come.  Can be customised for specific industries. Take politics, economics, social change & technology, mix them together with consumer insights and this is one presentation not to be missed!

Rave Reviews

International Audiences Praise Daniel Silke’s Presentations

“Daniel Silke gave a really good talk….should be a role model to other speakers in content and delivery.” Tom Patty, Former President, TBWA/Chiat/Day - Los Angeles, World Wide Nissan Account Director, San Diego, USA.

“Daniel Silke was the best speaker we heard. Not only was he highly knowledgeable but also he was also interesting and funny. He was equally adept at discussing Globalization and the incredible story of his native South Africa ... and he even had the best presentation materials!” Dick Costello, Former President, Strategic Marketing, Universal Studios, Los Angeles, USA.

“The professionalism of Daniel Silke equips him well as a guest speaker at corporate functions. I really enjoyed the presentations as there is such a dearth of competent speakers these days.” Dr Bill Venter, Chairman of Altron Allied Electronics, Johannesburg, South Africa.

“The presentation was absolutely superb! This was the first time I heard from a few of our members by telephone about the quality of the presentation, the diction and the depth of knowledge. We highly recommend Mr Silke as a presenter to all the other committees.” Courtenay Weldon, Secretary, Indianapolis Committee on Foreign Relations, USA.

“Mr Silke’s lectures on Globalization were most interesting and stimulating. I am sure they were enjoyed by all who attended.” Mr Anthony Woodward, Strategic Development, Felix Schoeller, Pulaski, New York, USA.

“The sentiment was unanimous Mr Silke provided a superb talk with a tremendous quantity of information in a remarkably short period. Further everyone was most impressed with his ability to answer the questions directly and concisely.” Hon. George C. Paine II, Chief Judge, U.S. Customs House, Nashville, USA.

“I received glowing reports from our guests concerning Mr Silke’s very informative and entertaining lectures.” Mark Conroy, President & CEO, Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, Fort Lauderdale, USA.

“Mr Silke’s lectures on South Africa were one of the highlights of our entire journey.” Richard Koegl, Executive Director, Oasis Journeys, Toronto, Canada.

“Daniel Silke was tops”. Mr R Drew, Boca Raton, Florida. USA.

“The lecturer Daniel Silke was wonderful – both in style and information presented.” Mr B Gunther, Pasadena, California, USA.

Daniel Silke


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