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Our Mission The business of SA: The Good News is to change the narrative out of South Africa and Africa. We believe in celebrating the good and confronting the bad; that news should be balanced, contextual and truthful (as per the SA Press Code); and that citizens should understand the truth of our progress over the last 20 years, warts and all. It is our firm conviction that if citizens understand both the good and the bad they are much more able, and willing, to make a positive difference to the bad. We believe that much of the current print, radio and broadcast media are trapped in a “good news is no news” paradigm and that our public broadcaster has no coherent news strategy. Add to this the danger of the ‘single story’ of afro-pessimism that is so much part of the global narrative on South Africa and Africa and the truth becomes distorted – bedevilled by conventional wisdom madness. Our Approach At SA: The Good News we do this by publishing books and updating our website daily on South Africa and Africa - highlighting the opportunity, potential and progress. “You don’t describe the future you see, you see the future you describe” is our mantra. Steuart will share with you his personal journey of discovery in our extraordinary country post-1994. He, with contributions from some 150 informed South Africans is co-editor and publisher of 10 books on South Africa and Africa: “South Africa – The Good News” (2002) “South Africa – More Good News” (2003) “SA 2014 - The Story of our Future” (2004) “Miracles that are Changing a Nation” (2005) “Employee Volunteering in South Africa” (2007) “2010: Africa’s Time has Come” (2007) “Action for a Safe South Africa” (2008) “Africa – The Good News” (2008) Promise of Leadership (2009) – published for the Nelson Mandela Foundation South Africa @ 20: For Better or for Worse? (2013) He has delivered over 500 talks on SA’s global competitiveness both here and abroad. Our Beliefs “The facts speak for themselves ….rumours, conventional wisdom madness and journalists speak for each other.” (Steuart Pennington 2012) “There are three sources of opinion; fact, rumour and prejudice. The truth can only be found in the first. There are three elements to a story; accuracy, context and balance. Truthful stories contain all three. There are three requirements for understanding; trust, honesty and respect. Without them opinion and truth count for little.” Our Work We have worked in underprivileged schools to encourage corporates to “benchmark” the impact of their interventions. In 2004 we adopted a Crèche in Soweto which looks after 150 small and vulnerable children. In 2007 Steuart was awarded the “Public Service Entrepreneur of the Year Award” by the African Heritage Society. In 2008 he was one of nine finalists for the Johnnie Walker Striding Man Award for exceptional social entrepreneurship. In 2012 he was awarded the Distinguished Rhodes Alumni Award for his contribution to the geo-branding of South Africa. In 2012 he appeared on TEDxRhodesU with a 10 minute talk on “Good news is no news”. Steuart holds a B.A. (Honours) degree from Rhodes University, a PDM from Wits Business School and a Certificate in Management from Oxford. He lives in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands with his wife and four daughters, is an active sportsman and lover of adventure.


PRESENTATIONS: Steuart presents the five talks listed below. May we suggest you read through each and decide what is most appropriate for your audience? We try as far as possible to structure the talk around the theme of your conference/event and are able to cover almost every aspect of business /commercial / political /social developments in South Africa.

1. South Africa @ 20: for Better or for Worse? (published 2013) – The Story of our Changing Global Competitiveness

2. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela – Character, Comrade, Leader, Prisoner, Negotiator and Statesman

3. Africa – The Story of changing, and improving, Global Competitiveness.

4. Entertaining Snapshot of South Africa – Our Progress since 1994

5. Interactive Schools Talk: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Rave Reviews

“Steuart has presented at the annual “Perspectives on Investment” conference I organise. He has consistently been rated as “outstanding”. Brian Rainier “Thanks again for presenting at our Annual Conference, I received rave reviews on your behalf, it was exactly what our audience needed to end the day off.” Traci Freeman - BPeSA

Steuart Pennington


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