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Founder and Director of the South African Creativity Foundation and the Kobus Neethling Group, Dr Kobus Neethling is a world leader in the field of creativity and whole brain thinking. His talks, training programmes and seminars leave audiences with a new set of problem-solving skills as well as a new way of looking at the world.


' Moving from Ordinary to Beyondness - the ordinary paradigm (personal and business) - ordinary creativity 'and ordinary results - understanding the Stretch Zone and Stretch targets - entering Beyondness - developing the profile of a Beyonder - creating new futures - getting Beyonder results ' A New kind of creativity for a new kind of century - the 3 zones of creativity - the qualities of a Beyonder - moving from problems to possibilities - ideas for extraordinary times - seeing the future first ' Using your Whole Brain in the 21st century - understanding your 4 quadrant brain - moving beyond your comfort zones - discovering the 8 dimensions of your brain - putting your 8-dimesnsion brain into action - gaining an amazing edge ' From Creative Problem Solving, to Opportunity Finding to Miracle Making - understanding the stages of creative empowerment - expanding the power of your whole brain - redesigning your beliefs - the essence of your human being-ness - becoming the miracle maker ' The five critical ways to 'get out of the box' ' How to become 8 times more creative ' The essence of successful creativity ' Creating happiness with your whole brain

Rave Reviews

' 'I believe Dr. Kobus Neethling not only met the objectives of the conference but surpassed them and clearly I felt that he is the best speaker that Bayer has ever had the good fortune to listen to.' (Richard van der Merwe, CEO ' Bayer South Africa) ' 'After our conference during February 2003 when Dr. Kobus Neethling spoke on using the Whole Brain in Selling and Marketing, he received highest ratings ever in the history of SalesBytes.' (Suzanne Burgess, CEO SalesBytes) ' 'Kobus Neethling, author and corporate trainer is a quantum leaper. His work is internationally in very high demand.' (The Australian Financial Review) ' "In my 40 years of innovation work in most of the Fortune 100 companies I have never come across anyone who can put theory into practice like Kobus Neethling" ' (Dr Sid Parnes, Creator of the Creative Problem Solving Model and author of numerous international best sellers.) ' 'Kobus Neethling and his team's creativity intervention was a dominant reason why we are now a world leader' (General Manager: Amplats) ' 'By far the most valuable training we have ever received' (Brazilian Business Institute ' Campinas Sau Paulo) ' 'Kobus Neethling has demonstrated the most thorough scholarship in creativity that I have been able to witness in my years of teaching' (Dr Mary Frasier, Past President, American Society of Creative Thinking)

Kobus Neethling


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