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Judge Chris N Greenland

A voice from the coalface of social justice; from ordinary to extraordinary.

Orphan, groundsman, soldier, Prosecutor, Advocate, Judge, Executive, TV and Radio commentator.  Chris presents you with a unique perspective, viewing the human experience from a poignant real life vantage point and a clarifying moral and political lens. 

Chris started life in an orphanage in Southern Rhodesia, and would in later years as a Judge preside over accused who themselves suffered neglect as children. To pay his school leaving exam fees, Chris worked as a groundsman at a school for children more privileged than himself. After putting himself through university while working, among other things as a butcher’s assistant and a clerk, Chris’ legal career would span decades and four countries. He would prosecute crime on behalf of the State, and defend people accused of seeking to assassinate the head of the same State. The quality of his legal mind would ultimately see him serve as a distinguished Judge, and an accomplished executive in several public administration roles. 

Hard earned qualifications and unparalleled experience confer consummate expertise in application of the law, while incredible personal experience delivers a unique insight on social justice. Personal interaction has included consultative sojourns to Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand.

In the result, not only has he had a distinguished judicial career but has also served in executive capacity in a total of four countries with his innovative road crash compensation models embedded in Namibia and Botswana recognised as perhaps internationally unmatchable on cost/benefit and human rights tests.

Chris has used the freedom of retirement to more fully review, explore and resolve many unanswered questions around how to more justly regulate the relationships between citizens, and between citizens and the State. His blog “Cognito ergo sum”, has a global following and addresses issues ranging across a wide spectrum of issues such as the death penalty, the US elections, the Brexit dynamic and animal welfare. 

He is a widely respected social commentator, notably being engaged by media networks to decode the infamous Oscar Pistorius trial for TV and radio audiences.  Chris’s work on human rights and social justice has seen him on speaking tours across southern Africa, the UK and the USA. 

So table your greatest convictions; Rhodes must fall; colonialism; racism; the Constitution; justice; the USA 2nd and 5th Amendments; immigration; Iraq; Libya; the UN; Hitler; the “deplorables”; affirmative action.  Bring all your most obvious answers, and with Chris explore the questions behind them.

You will be provoked. You will be stimulated. You will be disturbed in your comfort zone(s). You will be asked to think more and believe less. You will be entertained and amused. You will hear the voice of an “ordinary extraordinary” life.


Topic: - Justice

This is a precious commodity. It is fundamental to our wellbeing, actual and perceived. We all imagine that we have a good sense of justice. 

The harsh reality is that most have a very flawed sense of justice. 

So we can talk about the “OP Trial of the Century”. What went wrong? Did anything go wrong?

We can tackle the issue of capital punishment, noting that Chris has sentenced a human being to death on five (5) occasions. What about Dubula I’Bhunu (Kill the Boer); the case of Omar Al-Bashir and other cases that we all imagine being experts on. 


Topic: - Critical Aspect(s) of Leadership

What is the most critical attribute of leadership?  Enthralling life experience serves up an answer. You will not have heard this before. It will entertain, provoke and induce a change in your perception(s) as a leader. 

And why are we surprised when there is no social justice delivered by leadership? 

The interesting, improbable, intriguing, poignant truths of Chris’s life will help us on this. 


Topic: - Social Justice in the Southern African Region

This region underwent revolutionary change. Lives were sacrificed; children orphaned; humans savagely maimed as the human spirit rose to make a bid for truth and justice.

Has the great promise of freedom been fulfilled? 

Are humans in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana free?? 

Chris – “I have lived and worked in each of these countries. I have no doubt about the answer.”

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