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Craig Anthony Ferreira - the world’s leading authority on the most dangerous predator -the great white shark - a man who teaches how to overcome fear and achieve any objective.

For a fearless approach to life and work.
A man, experienced in the realm of working on the edge in a high tension environment where mistakes can cost a life. Craig’s passion is to inspire his audience to drop limiting beliefs and step through their fears to engage life at its highest level. He believes that in order to live our best lives, we need to step out of the comfort zone and begin working from the heart and not from an intellectual perspective only. There is enormous power in passion and beyond our fears, are our greatest rewards.
Craig has achieved all the goals he set out to accomplished and accredits his wonderful life journey to his willingness to constantly step out of the comfort zone. He believes we are all here for a purpose; a great purpose and if we do not rise to the challenge, then we are settling for second and third best. In the Growth Beyond Fear series of talks, Craig takes his audience on adventures into the exciting world of the Great white shark where they will look at the power of passion, working with focus and intent, shifting perceptions, how knowledge conquers fear, adaption, intuition, never compromising and the power of preparation. These are some of the life principals we need to integrate into both our personal lives and careers and which allow us to drop our limiting beliefs.
In these key note presentations, Craig’s goal is to leave his audience inspired to step up their games on all fronts. Having gone through his own life crisis, he has learnt that there is a huge gulf between what we are doing and what we are capable of achieving and the only thing holding us back from our greatest lives, is fear.


Keynotes :
Great White Sharks on Their Best Behavior:
This is a shark specific talk based on the book I wrote of the same title. It is an incredibly interesting and fun key note where the audience will learn things about the great white shark they never thought possible. The talk takes you on an adventure into the enigmatic world of the white shark, an intelligent and complex species.
I have successfully given this talk around the world, including Cambridge, London and Stockholm universities. At the Royal Geographic Society in London, I received a standing ovation for this presentation.

Adapt or Die – Why Sharks Don’t Go Hungry:
The white shark is arguably the most successful super predator the earth has ever seen. It has survived at the top of the food chain since the Miocene age, through an ever-altering environment. Why? What is this animals secret to success? Its secret is its skill to ADAPT. Adaption is the ability of a species to become better.
Adaption is a powerful force. In our ever-changing world, like the white shark, our ability to adapt has become key to our survival. Some of the most powerful companies the world has seen have lost market share, depreciated in value and died because they were not able to adapt. Pan Am, TWA, Nokia, Ericson and Firestone are just a few of these companies who suffered due to their inability to adapt.
The white shark’s success lies in its skill to adapt on a constant basis and by looking at this species, we can learn a great deal about the inherent power of adaption. To survive in our current world we have to become aware of the necessity to adapt. No longer can we proceed on autopilot. We have to steer the ship.

Driven – What Makes People Tick:
Some years ago a staff member who was on a two week field trial period, dived off the boat and wrestled a bait bag away from a great white shark. He risked his life and could have been killed. What drove him to do this? For many years, I have worked with teams in many parts of the globe. Staff, expedition teams, interns, film teams and volunteers. We work in challenging environments, for long periods and with potentially dangerous animals and often for little pay, yet my teams never give less than absolutely 100%.
This level of motivating intrigued me. I explored motivation, what drives us, what makes us tick and what I learnt is very different to traditional wisdom. Traditional wisdom still predominantly lists to the side of the carrot and the stick, reward and punishment for want of a better term. This approach works on a rudimentary level where a breadcrumb task is required. However, when even rudimentary cognitive skills are required, the carrot and stick is counter-productive. Unfortunately, many companies are still stuck in this outdated approach to motivation.
A void exists between this traditional motivation wisdom and what science not only says, but also has proven. If modern companies want to move forward with a motivated and enthusiastic work force then these companies have to take a serious look at what science has to say. If they do not then these companies will control a workforce that will never perform at its full potential.

Rave Reviews

Thanks for a life experience – Nicolas Cage.
You have inspired me – Peter Benchley.
You gave a fascinating insight into the world of the great white sharks and its unusual behaviour and thank you for taking the time to answer some of the many questions asked by the audience. – Dr Rita Gardner, Director – The Royal Geographic Society.
Thank you for a most interesting discussion – Prince Karl Phillip of Sweden.
You have opened my eyes to a whole new world. – Lady Alexander Shakelton.

Craig Ferreira


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