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The SAFARI ACROBATS will mystify you with their acrobats, skipping and fire performances. They will leave you astounded and amazed at their extraordinary feats of acrobats. They are entertainers. They want to help people forget their daily lives for a while and show them their world – the world of acrobats. That’s what they aim to do.

Safari acrobats originate from Kenya. The artists represent several ethnics and are a group of five, aged between 26 and 30, and have been performing together for over 10 years. They were all born and raised in Kenya, in SOS Children’s Villages. Kenya was one of the first African countries in which SOS-Kinderhof International became active. Here, they were well taken care of, they received an education and they learnt how to perform.

Since they were a group of young boys training on the beaches of Kenya, all they wanted was to travel and to bring a piece of their lives to the rest of the world. With your help, they can further their dreams and bring a little bit of Kenya to you.

In Kenya, they started performing for the African Safari Club. From small beginnings, the group controls 10 first class hotels on the Kenyan Coast and 6 safari lodges and camps. African Safari Club's hotels in Kenya are exclusive to their guests, and most are situated in the vast tropical surrounds of opulent gardens, overlooking the ocean, with its shimmering white sand beaches and coral reef beyond.

In Germany, they have performed with the Sarrasani Circus. The Sarrasanis have been a circus family for over 100 years, famous throughout Germany and beyond. The family’s traditional circus has been transformed into a modern entertainment business.

They have also performed in Asia, Singapore, and in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

In South Africa, they have performed at various events. Most importantly, they have performed at uShaka Marine World – Africa’s largest Marine Theme Park.

The Safari Acrobats perform a variety of breathtaking artistic stunts, usually in a group of 5 acrobats. The acrobatic show displays various elements like fire limbo dancing, rope skipping, ring jumping, fire eating, tight ring and acrobatic pyramids.

The acrobats wear splendid attire on stage. The costume collection and stage properties reach from strictly traditional African to imaginative designs.

They do a limbo dance, with fire. The dancer leans backward and dances under a horizontal stick without touching it. The stick is set on fire burning while the dancer performs, with occasionally the dancer having a lighted torch. Authentic steps, songs, rituals and attires of various Kenyan ethnics in the vivacity, in the ease and natural elegance of East Africa are guaranteed. In spite of its serious historical origin as dangerous chance for slaves to gain freedom they perform this fire dance with an easy and humorous attitude.

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