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Corporate / Adult Entertainment

Matthew will amaze and entertain your guests with incredible Slight of Hand, intriguing Mind Reading and stunning Card and Coin miracles of magic. With his hands moving faster than the eyes can see, these wonderful skills are all part and parcel of Matthew’s jaw dropping routines.

Matthew also offers a Cabaret-style Show which can be performed on stage and can entertain up to 150 + guests. The length of this Show ranges from 20 to 45 minutes and can also include a dazzling fire performance, as suited to the needs of the client.

Busking / Walkabout Shows

For this style of event Matthew entertains guests as he moves from table to table or between standing guests, performing magic for small groups of up to eight people. These shows are booked per hour and generally include 5-8 short routines per hour.

Matthew also offers a Close-up Show for those for intimate events held for a small function of up to about 20 people around a table. The duration of this Show is 45mins. Depending on your event, where required Matthew can include a flashy fire show.


Matthew Gore has perfected several different styles of fire entertainment: Fire dance, Fire Poi, Fire Chains, Fire Staves (sticks). He has added a unique “flare” by combining high tempo music in either a solo performance or a choreographed show called the ‘Inferno Show’

Choreographed show

This Show lasts between 15 and 20 minutes and is performed to music. The Fire show is amazing – once seen always remembered.

Busking / Walkabout Shows

Busking Shows are booked per hour and generally include 4-5 five minute “burns” per hour. The Fire Show very quickly attracts a crowd as it is visually stunning and is very popular. This can be performed to music or without music.

Children's Shows

Matthew Gore is well-known as one of South Africa’s top Children’s Entertainers, whatever the nature of the event.

Matthew is very experienced - his innumerable children’s birthday party performances, school shows and festival, family and fun day walkabout entertainment gigs have put his name at the top of the Children’s Entertainers list. Matthews’s exciting routines and interactive brand of children’s magic is unique, energetic and filled with comical, colourful and amazing magic and acting! What also makes Matthew unique is that he really manages to captivate the children at any age and in any culture, having done shows locally and abroad to critical acclaim.

* Magic shows for 3-5 year olds - 35 minute show + optional balloon modelling

* Magic shows for 6-12 year olds - 45 minute show + optional balloon modelling & fire club juggling.

* Magic shows for 12 year olds or families - 45 minute show + optional balloon modelling & fire club juggling.

* Walkabout / roaming - Matthew moves from group to group of guests, entertaining between 2 and 20 guests at any one time with each set lasting roughly 15 minutes. Bookings are made per hour and there are roughly 4 sets per hour entertaining, as many as 150 guests over a few hours.

Matt Gore


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