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Catlike Thieves been stealing fans since early 2008, rocking their way to new places. This four-piece band, from the shores of Durban have an old-school meets funk-blues sound that reaches to the roots of real rock & roll. Fresh out of the garage, these bandits are playing their instruments with a lot of confidence, making their show easy to watch, nevermind listen to.

We chatted to the band members to find out more about who Catlike Thieves really are.

Starting with Musical Influences:
"We have quite a wide range of musical influences. Anything from Elvis Presley to The Offspring. We find a lot of inspiration comes from bands like  AC/DC, Yellowcard, Incubus, New Found Glory, Green Day and The Beach Boys”, said Shane (Lead Vocals and Guitar)

Gareth (Backing Vocals and Bass Guitar), what would you guys like to achieve in the next year or so?
"At the moment we are focusing on gigging and getting as much publicity as possible. We're trying to get our name out there, you know? Hopefully we'll be in the studio soon to record some tracks and maybe you guys will be treated to a demo or something, we'll have to see."

Philip (drums), tell us more about how Catlike Thieves came about.
"Well we've known each other for ages and we all love music, it was kind of inevitable to start playing music together. Shane and I played in a few bands before. After that didn't work out we decided to join forces with Gareth."

Justin (Lead Guitar), how did you manage to join the project?
Our previous bands gave us the opportunity to a show together. My band came down from Pretoria and we needed a place to jam, We met up with Shane and Philip and quickly put a show together. When I moved down to Durban we started jamming together, it worked out pretty nicely so far. Our style was never really decided, it's just the result of playing some covers and throwing in our own stuff, it was really cool to watch how we came into our own regarding our new music, style and talent."

Catlike Thieves is a force to be reckoned with and these young rock stars have much to offer our ever growing Durban music scene. Watch out!! They are Catlike Thieves...

Catlike Thieves


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