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To interpret “Life” in Swahili you would use the word “Maisha”, and that is what this new band is all about, “Life” in Africa. The band’s music provides an important message of peace and love in a world that needs as much understanding and genuine commitment now more than ever.

Maisha is a new 5 piece band that plays easy listening soulful and meaningful music from the heart of Africa. The songs reflect the life and times of modern Africa, with messages of hope, peace and love for all. The heart of the band comes from Tresor Riziky a newly acquired talent to South Africa who hails from the Congo and who provides the backbone, lyrics and sweet voice of Maisha. Tresor is fluent in Swahili, French and English and sings songs in all three languages, making this particular brand of music accessible to almost any part of the world and in particular Africa. Tresor is a self taught singer, guitarist and song writer who from a young age has been playing his own music in and around Congo. Recently he moved to South Africa and immediately started looking for people in the music industry that could help him fulfil his dream of giving his special brand of music to the world.
Resulting from a chance telephone to ‘record labels’ Tresor came across Rod Nichols who is the owner of Face Studios and ex-founder guitarist song writer of Dr.Fox who immediately realised the untapped talent of Tresor and wanted to help in whatever way he could to help Tresor realise his dream of recording and performing his music. Hence the birth of “Maisha”. Through Rod’s wide contact base in the local music scene he had in a matter of days gathered an impressive group of musicians to help realise the dream that has become “Maisha”.
First to join the Tresor, Rod duo was Khulekani Zondi who had recently completed his degree in Traditional music at UKZN and who is in his own right an accomplished musician and producer, having worked extensively with local Maskanda, Kwaito, Hip Hop and other more traditional aspect of local music. Khulekani joined the band as a keyboardist, backing vocalist, song writer, producer and percussionist.

Rod then contacted an old muso friend, Ian Jefferys an accomplished drummer who had worked with him in the past. Ian has an impressive record of drumming with bands such as Urban Creep and Edenroc, and has participated in many musical shows in and around Durban. Ian provides the solid rhythm needed for a band that is all about rhythm, and like Rod who also came from a more Rock oriented background provides a fresh angle to the more laid back sounds of the African Soul sort of Jazzy World vibe.

The final member, came in the form of Bongani Maduna who was found via Neil Comfort one of Durban’s most influential people in music in KZN. Bongani’s bass, guitar, backing vocals and percussion abilities is without doubt an integral member of the band.
Special guest appearances to make the sound even bigger are the inclusion of Trinity Silk on Trumpet and Jon Pimento from the Drum Shack on Djembie, Congas and general percussion.
So Maisha, is Tresor Riziky on Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar; Khulekani Zondi on Keyboards and Backing Vocals, Ian Jefferys on Drums, Rod Nichols on Lead Guitar, Bongani Maduna on Bass, Trinity Silk on Trumpet and Jon Pimento on Percussion.



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