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Sid Webster is a Specialized Educational Kinesiologist, Neuro Integration Specialist and Practitioner, Motivational Analyst, Marriage Officer and Councilor, Spiritual Worker in Correctional Services, Specialist in Thought Processes, Facilitator and Professional sportsman.
Sid has a spiritual eye still to be equalled. He has an ability to spiritualize any natural situation. Listening to him makes you realize that he has spent his life developing his given talents and made it his business to share those special talents with his students.
He is an extraordinary person, a very dynamic and captive speaker.
Sid is obsessed with a passion to enlighten others in discovering their passions in life.” Learning comes from doing”. Without doing life would only exist in a dream. It is the body that carries the Head (dream) to victory. These two must work together

Sid's two worlds:
At a very early age in my life I discovered that I had an enquiring mind. I also realized that not many people around me shared the same interests as this ideal of mine
The possible reason for having this enquiring mind was when I realized that there were two minds which were revealed to me at an early age.
The one mind was coupled to my senses and was built around the natural things of this world which I call the natural spiritual mind
The second mind I discovered was a Spiritual Spiritual mind. These are the things that you see with your mind’s eye and not your natural eye.
This second mind is the most exciting one as it is the creativity within the male function in your right brain.
We thus have two hemispheres, the one the female side and the opposite one the male side.
We need both these functions to produce a third part the offspring or result of both functions
This knowledge is important as I can now discover the importance of creating things twice. .
I remember this wonderful quotation from one of the wisest men that has lived when he said ”It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the honor of Kings to search it out”
I then realized that the things spoken of in the Masters book were things that had to be searched for to find the true meaning
These are the things I like to share with people as they are meaningful and give much enjoyment and satisfaction when discovered

Sid Webster


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