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Andre was born on the 26th October 1977, into a proudly South African family, that never had much financially, but instead taught him the value of being spiritually grounded, hardworking and most of all being concerned about the welfare of others.
Whilst completing his final two years of schooling, he started his working career in the hospitality industry, managing a coffee shop, to save money to pursue his dream of studying at Wits University of becoming an attorney.
During his first semester however, he realized that his true passion, was working with people. This realization caused him to change the direction of his studies and ultimately his destiny. He moved from criminal law to studying Psychology- specializing in abnormal behaviour and human development.
In finding his passion for developing people, he excelled in his studies and started consulting within organizations such as Edcon, Standard Bank and Nedbank, teaching managers how to bring out the best of themselves and ultimately their people.
His natural ability to teach made him very sought after as a trainer and facilitator. Later, he moved into managing all aspects if training departments. His ability to communicate at any level within an organisation, coupled with his vast experience within the training industry, saw him being head hunted by corporate companies to build up their training departments at an executive level.
His desire to continue learning about how people function and become the best versions of themselves, saw him receive an international accreditation as a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner with the Professional Guild of NLP Practitioners in the UK. He is currently studying towards his Master Practitioner accreditation.
Andre is also the Managing Director of Brainwaves Leadership Academy, a company that specializes in conducting value based seminars, talks and training sessions for organizations and the public; on how to become the best people we can be.
He has conducted many success interventions for Arrive in Africa- Best Tour Operator for 2008, The Department of Land Affairs, AA Financial Services, Edcon and Nedbank to name a few.


Talking to an audience, I never presume to know what people are feeling or what challenges they may be experiencing in their lives.
You see, all I can ever truly know, is what challenges I face in my daily life. For me, therefore; my life is about a journey… a journey that I learn from each moment of each day. Part of that journey, is to share what I have learnt along my path of discovering how to become the best that I can be.
And what I’ve learnt is that as people, generally; we spend our lives in search for a “magical potion” that will instantly change all the struggles that may perceive to face. The reality is that there is no such potion. Instead, life; and striving to become the best versions of ourselves, is about using a series of keys at different times in our lives to unlock the potential to live lives of fun, passion and purpose.
My Life in a Bag of Oranges is simply one of those keys. To me, a bag of oranges is a metaphor, representing my life now but more importantly, it is about how I want my life to be.
The orange may be viewed by some merely as a fruit but an orange drips of wisdom.
From its imperfect exterior to the sometimes sweet and sometimes sour inside…the orange holds the answers to how we behave as people and why we behave the way we do. The seed of the orange is able to demonstrate how we perceive our world and in turn how we respond to them. The zest in the peel is able to help us understand how we perceive obstacle and challenges that are an inevitable part of our earthly journey of discovering true happiness within ourselves.
Think I’m crazy…well, so did I… until I started to discover and apply the secrets that a bag of oranges had to offer. A bag of oranges has helped me to undertake a journey of becoming the best that I can be and I hope this will do the same for you. Oranges are simple, fresh and unassuming and filled with so much goodness…if only you knew where to look!
Would this bag of oranges be the end of your search for inner fulfillment and true happiness? Probably not yet… But for me, it is the start of a truly sweet journey that I hope you would undertake with me…to become the best that we can be!

Andre Dreyer


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