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Chix with Stix became a group in February 2004. We started as a project within the college, and when we realized our love for it, we decided to become an independent group.

At first the band consisted of four girls. Unfortunately after spending a year with us, our youngest member decided to pursue her studies overseas, leaving us as a three piece. Although this was strange at first, we adapted well and realized the strong bond between the three of us.

Chix with Stix now consists of three girls, Rikki (22), Stef (22), and Anastasia (22). We started to develop as a group, growing to a flexible set in which we not only drum, but we have also amalgamated tap, drumming on chairs, djembes, singing and more. This is all subject to the type of events as well as the venues where we perform.

Our song writing process begins at a structured practice at least three times a week, from 4 to 6 hours.

Being an all girl group, with different backgrounds, it is sometimes hard to control three different mood swings, but once we get through the cat fights, we have grown as friends making the creativity process stringer. Although we have all learnt to write drum music, we prefer the spontaneous approach, and while jamming something comes and "bites us in the ass". We prefer to go on feel rather than structured sheet music, because we believe the beat of the rhythm is in your heart, not written on a piece of paper.

Despite the preconceived idea that girls can't drum, and the fact that we have had the audiences purely to see if we can, we are happy to report that they have all left the gigs impressed.
Our Goal has always bee to enjoy what we do while opening the skeptical minds of a number of audience members. We aspire to make name for ourselves, be respected for what we do, and make an impact on SA music. Although we all have different influences, we strive to create our own unique sound.

What makes US unique? Well... the first thing that is noticeable about us, is that we are all female. What makes us unique is not only the fact that we drum, but the rhythms we create are thunderous. Our show appeals to a wide audience, allowing us to perform at all events from corporates, to clubs, parties, schools and many other events.

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