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Ryan Whittal: Comedy Biog Ryan Whittal started his comedy in May 1999. He started with a blast, doing each show as if it were his last. (In case rumours that the world would end on December 31st came true.) His debut performance was at the Funny Farm at the then Randburg Waterfront and the now Brightwater Commons. Over the years, however, the water has become less bright and the commons have steadily made way for more permanent flea market type structures. He was given the opportunity by comedy legend Tony Stewart, who ran the club, and on his first night he shared the stage with another comedy legend named Mel Miller. Ryan’s style of comedy was a high energy performance peppered with well-refined impersonations, all delivered with a rather charming boyish enthusiasm. In that regard, not much has changed, only that the high energy has become slightly more manic, his direction taking a left turn into the left field and has he since become known by his colleagues as South Africa’s Premier Alternative Comedian. Some of Ryan’s gags like the Formulae 1, the wonder of Sri Lankan Nursery Rhymes, Majestic, original creations on the Mouth Organ by Ryan Whittal and Ryan’s Zulu name are gags which many people have called classics. Ryan’s mother is one of the people who think so. Ryan’s personal comedy philosophy is that comedians don’t need to know a lot about anything, just a little about everything. And thus all comedians should be pretty competitive at games like “Trivial Pursuit and 30 Seconds” This he feels is one of the true tests of Comedy Genius. However, Ryan has been quoted as saying, “Naivety is my favourite quality” Ryan was taken under the comedy wings of the likes of Barry Hilton and Joe Parker, spending many happy days in their comedy nests, being nurtured by their comedy worms. He has done many a golf day and corporate function and has officially done gigs in all 9 provinces of South Africa. Ryan is also very experienced at the Improvised Form of Comedy where he has graced the stage with Improv legends such as Al Prodgers, Chris Forrest, Malcolm Ferreira, Darren Maule, Vittorio Leonardi and Monique Nortjie, all of whom have paid Ryan R 60 for a mention in this article. The name Ryan Whittal and Comedy genius have been used in the same sentence. And that sentence was, “Is Ryan Whittal a Comedy Genius, as he thinks he is?”

Ryan Whittal


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