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Without the aid of psychic or paranormal powers, a mentalist is someone who can exhibit extraordinary feats of the mind including telepathy, clairvoyance, divination, precognition, psychokinesis and mind control. This means that a professional mentalist could read your thoughts and predict what you will do or say before you're even aware of it.

Gilan Gork is a renowned mentalist who specializes in showcasing these abilities in the most entertaining ways, either with an interactive performance piece or one of his motivational leadership talks.


Corporate Shows - Gilan's show is an interactive one in which he demonstrates phenomenal abilities of mind-reading, psychological manipulation and even being able to predict what people in the audience will think before they even know that they will think! Full of humour and audience participation, Gilan's show will have your guests enthralled, inspired and spell-bound by the time the mind-blowing finale ends it off.

Keynote Talks
** Mentalist Techniques to Influence People - In this session you will learn how the mind works through an exploration of the art of influence. From snap persuasion to psychology and neuroscience, you will learn techniques which can increase your ability to gain buy-in, agreement and lasting loyalty from any person. Whether it be your colleagues, team members, your children or your spouse, learn how to maximise emotional engagement, commitment and loyalty while enriching your relationships and results.
** Read Body Language for Business - This hour-long talk consists of relevant, potent and practical techniques, hand-picked and taught by mentalist Gilan Gork. Whether you are young, old, running a job, leading a company, or if you simply enjoy the benefits of being able to read and influence other people, you can now learn the hidden power of nonverbal communication to help you to reach your goals faster.

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