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TO LOOK GOOD IS TO FEEL GOOD, AND TO FEEL GOOD IS TO PERFORM Janine Starkey is the managing member, head designer, stylist, buyer and facilitator of Recreating You. She qualified in fashion design at the London International School of Fashion with an International Higher Diploma in the five years of her career working at Egoli- (Franz Marx Films) as head of the wardrobe department. Six years ago House of Janine was born as the brainchild of this talented designer. House of Janine specializes in styling and buying, etiquette and grooming for companies and individuals.


Silhouette and body shape Body analysis Skin maintenance Accessories and how to wear them The rules of etiquette Customer relations Telephone etiquette Communication Body language Eating and dining etiquette Conflict within the office environment Grooming Posture How you present yourself Deportment How you carry yourself Behaviour

Janine Starkey


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