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Guy Charlton is a Human Capital Consultant and Coach with a worldwide reputation, specializing in accelerating tailored, practical personal and organisational development that directly underpins sustainable and measurable performance. His approach is based on implementing extensively researched best practice across the organisational and geographical spectrum, culminating in five best selling books, including Create your future - Sustainable Organisations and Families, 2004. Underpinned by two Masters degrees in Clinical Mental Health and a Masters degree in Management, the added values lies in the practical transferring of performance competence to organisations of any kind, including the family. The enabling cycle is completed, if desired by organisational ownership and internal capacity building. Guy focuses on aligning five interdependent levels of Human Endeavour to reinforce sustainable change: Specific organisational challenges and human resource systems. Team effectiveness. Interpersonal relationships - through executive coaching. Intrapersonal growth. Transferring / reinforcing competence / common language in sustainable families. This enables organisations to build resilience, integrating and reinforcing growth on a strategic and operational level and create a common language or culture of delivery and performance through people at all levels. More specifically, his practical approach to encourage buy-in and user friendly technology enables organisations simultaneously (one intervention) to: Accelerate measured leadership and followership. Build existing and new, self-directed teams. v Identify and accelerate specific Generic (non-technical) performance competencies and a performance culture. Understand diversity (in its various forms) and to create synergy in this regard. Enhance individual (coaching) and organisational capacity and speed to change, whatever the strategy. Develop and implement a complimentary Human Resource Strategy directly facilitating organisational strategy. Facilitate mergers / acquisitions in the shortest possible time.


LEADERSHIP: THE HUMAN RACE. What it takes to create hope and lead effectively in a political, organisational, sporting, and family context. Lessons from both recognised and unsung leaders of our times. CREATING AND SUSTAINING PERFORMANCE IN ANY CONTEXT Integrated, Researched Benchmarks underpinning ongoing Performance on an individual, team, organisational and national level-answering the question: How am I doing/How are we doing? CREATING OUR/YOUR FUTURE-AT WORK AND HOME SIMULTANEOUSLY. Practical, Researched, but Humorous Critical Success Factors (far Beyond the concept of home /work-life balance) designed to bridge the relationship, gender and generation gaps. SYNERGY FROM DIVERSITY Proudly South African- .Recognising and understanding differences (culture, gender, personality, and class) and simultaneously creating synergy. CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU. Enhancing your and your organisation’s capacity to change quickly and effectively (Including why personal and habit changes are less than successful) TEAMS THAT HUM (99 percent of them don't!) Practical lessons on why, what and how to produce or be a member of a world cup winning team at work and at home. THE ART OF SELF MANAGEMENT. Practical guidelines to enriching and finding meaning in your professional and personal life. THE EXRA MILE AT NO EXTRA COST. Enabling others and yourself to become intrinsically motivated, without it costing a cent. ARE YOU/IS YOUR ORGANISATION AN EMPLOYER OF FIRST CHOICE? Practical guidelines concerning what each of us can do in this regard. MAKING IT HAPPEN. How to implement ideas through people with sustainable impact.

Guy Charlton


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