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The Ball & the Beautiful

In this entertainment, Paul Slabolepszy takes us into the world of a Golfing Everyman. The untold saga of the “forgotten” Ernie – the “other” Ernie – 50 year old Ernie Evans. Not so much the “Big Easy” as a “Little Queasy” – that’s how the guy feels every time he goes out to tackle the game he loves and hates in equal measure.

Ernie has reached a “crossroads” in his life. We discover him scouring the “rough” on the 16th hole of a golf course somewhere in South Africa. He is searching for the fifth ball he has used today (having already lost four!) He takes a stand, vowing not to find it.

As he trawls the area – his partner long gone, and the sun sinking inexorably in the west – he shares with us the trials, triumphs and tribulations, not only of his game, but his entire life. The daunting challenges that each and every one of us must face on a daily basis. Hilarious and filled with pathos, his tale is a testament to human resolve – a demonstration that, no matter how seemingly insurmountable the obstacles that lie in our paths, through spirit and determination, we shall indeed overcome.

Based on his one-man comedy - NOT THE BIG EASY – THE BALL & THE BEAUTIFUL is written and performed by award-winning actor and playwright Paul Slabolepszy, and is directed by Bobby Heaney (of M-NET ‘Laugh Out Loud’ fame)

With a compact ‘golfing course rough’ set (buffalo grass and fibre glass rocks) which is transportable and ‘easy-to-travel’, the entertainment is suitable for both intimate and larger functions.

The full-length version of the play runs approximately 60 minutes, and a 25-30 minute version is available for corporate functions, Benefit evenings and/or golf days.

THE BALL & THE BEAUTIFUL connects with all South Africans – golfers, as well as audiences with only a passing interest in the game – with a view to entertaining the public and expanding their awareness of the fastest growing sport on the planet.

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