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Summary Profile

1st Project is South Africa’s pioneer industrial percussion act.

By using only drums to create what can simply be described as ‘Aggressive Percussion!’,
1st Project has truly made their mark on the entertainment industry.
Their style of music - aggressive percussion - is completely original, and is not only designed to entertain but to create an escape from the mundane. Bringing together elements of Rock, House, African and Latin rhythms, this pulse of pure primal energy calls out to anyone who wants to see something new and unique...
1st Project embodies the beat that we all feel as Africans!

1st Project are:
Kevin Dike
Stick station (timbales / kettle drums)

Shannon Ellinas
Tom Station (toms / front man)

Paul Boyter
Hand Station (congas / bongos / djembe)

Zack Jordaan
Kit station (drum kit)

The History:
1st Project started in 1999, at a music school in Johannesburg, South Africa. The concept behind the group was to change the common view of drumming groups - a bunch of hippies banging drums around a fire, to four young males smashing the crap out of their drums in a live show that demands attention!

‘’9 years ago four white music students decided to start a band consisting only of drums and to create a new style of music ‘’Aggressive Percussion.’’ 1st Project received constant criticism from the industry stating that it is not a band, does not make music and therefore cannot make it in the music business. 8 years later a South African Music Award nomination for best recorded live act, begs to differ!’’

Since then they have played over 1000 shows in over 20 countries, as well as being publicised in over 500 media spots worldwide. They are South Africa’s biggest drumming act and are taking the world by storm.
1st Project boast being the only drumming act to receive a SAMA (South African Music Award) nomination, as well as the only South African band to have a full one hour music special on MNET and across DSTV South Africa, Africa and Asia

Do you suffer from percussive aggressive behaviour?...

1st Project


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