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Runners-up in 2004’s Coca Cola popstars. Liesl, Mariechan and Jacqui entered our lives in the reality show, and have remained at the forefront of the SA music scene ever since!

Very popular amongst young and older audiences with radio friendly smash hits including: Love Me For Me, The Greatest Love, Yours Fatally and, Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Take three young women, all vocally and lyrically talented way beyond their collective years, add a brand new album entitled Yours Fatally and you have one of the years most anticipated returns. Many happy returns to be exact, Liezl, Jacqui and Meriechan, better known as Jamali are back and sounding as bright, vital and desirable as their gold selling debut album did when it first hit the airwaves more than two years ago. All three are stronger, wiser and more polished and accomplished today having grown in leaps and bounds since they first sprung their now smash hit singles “Greatest Love”, “Love Me For Me” and “Dalile” on audiences throughout South Africa.

In the space of two short years the trio have not only converted the public into listening to music filled with gorgeous vocals and infectious melodies, but they’ve been hard at work putting the finishing touches to their second, highly sought after follow up to their groundbreaking self titled album. “Recording the new album was one of the most exciting times of our lives,” Meriechan recalls. “On the back of the phenomenal support from fans and the media in general, we wanted to thank everyone by giving them new songs that represent who we are, even more so than those on our debut.”

Entitled Yours Fatally, the girls did not mess with the formula that made their first disc massive, and therefore returned CSR Studios with George Vardas, Chris Ghelakis, as well as hot new producer, Siyabonga Hlekeni to make even more magic than they all did on the groups first album completed from start to finish in little over thee months, Yours Fatally today brims with energy and more pop originality than anything the girls have ever tackled before.

“We have all learnt so much over the past two years,” Liezl insists. “It’s been a joy and pain ride, filled with many ups and downs, and because of all of that, we were able to contribute more to new album than the first. We wrote two tracks on the first album and an amazing six for Fatally Yours, making it even more representative of who we are as people and artists too.”

“We’ve also made it our business to understand the business we’re in,” Jacqui adds. “We all believe that we have the potential to make a difference with our music and we intend celebrating the new songs and album with all the fans that have allowed us to grow and enjoy an amazing career thus far.”

As with their first, the new album tackles a wide variety of subject matter, which in turn gives the music the opportunity to not only breathe, but also more importantly, morph into the stuff pop classics are made of. “My First Love” is a song written by Meriechan when she was carrying her first child. “It’s a song that talks about unconditional love,” she explains proudly. “The very special love between a mom and her baby.”

“All the songs on the new album are very focused and the tracks we wrote almost all wrote themselves,” she continues. “In the sense that the ideas and lyrics flowed from our collective participation and respect for one another.”

With a smattering of house between the R&B and afro-pop, “Move Your Body” gives anyone listening the excuse to throw a party, even if it’s in your own front room. Filled with funky backbeats and swirling harmonies, Jamali confirms that all that they are anything but a one hit wonder. “I’m A Woman” is pure girl power set to music, while “Maisha”, Swahili for “My Life”, is also set to become a high rotation single in the coming year. “It’s one our favourites on the album,” Liezl admits. “Although it’s tough to chose a favourite – they all have a piece of us in them.”

With the balance of the new album touching on everything from betrayal, deception, love and all things that make love the dynamic emotional state we all hanker towards – Yours Fatally is a disc with the words ‘smash hit’ sounding from each and every track. Expect to see them on some of this year’s premier stages, high profile charity events and wherever their thousands-upon-thousands of fans call for them to play. Jamali has delivered an extraordinary second album, filled with clear ambition, talent and addictive formula that makes their music unavoidably entertaining and more importantly, predictably powerful pop.



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