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As a skilled and experienced voice coach and facilitator, Juliette has developed The Dynamic Voice Programme, an effective process to access potential for accurate communication and imaginative self-expression. She is particularly interested in vocal training as a life-skill, accessible to all. She is committed to developing a love of dynamic, colourful and imaginative voices. Communication is the key to relating to your world and expressing your true self: freeing your voice is freeing your personal potential! Importantly, this unique programme combines Voice Training and Communication Skills with NLP to facilitate transformation that is lasting and sustainable. She has successfully worked with a range of corporate clients from business executives and high profile sports celebrities to call centres.

Juliette Jenner graduated from the University of Cape Town with a distinction in a Performer’s Diploma in Speech and Drama and a Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Drama and English. She was invited back to UCT to lecture in 1999 and works as a professional actress and voice artist. Juliette is also a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, and has exciting facilitation and development skills. She is a regular contributor to the exciting business resource magazine, “Women Inc.”

Her corporate clients have included:
Investec, Ernst & Young, IDC, First National Bank, HIRS, Telkom, Nedbank, North West Provicial Government, Budget, Merchants Dimension Data, Symantec, Every Woman Training Solutions and Daryll Cullinan- Sports Commentator, Swiss Re Africa, Rand Merchant Bank, Nashua Mobile, Metro FM.

benefits of the dynamic voice programme:
• Put power and self-confidence in your voice
• Speak with authority and credibility
• Speak with richness and clarity, embracing your accent
• Project a successful business personae
• Be commanding
• Get your ideas heard and implemented
• Free yourself of vocal anxiety tension and fear
• Present with charisma and dynamism
• Speak to appropriately meet every situation

with vocal excellence increase your success in:
• Boardroom meetings
• Presentations
• Networking
• Negotiations
• Conversations
• Interviews
• Luncheons
• Conferences
• Sales calls
• Media
• Management


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

the dynamic voice programme

Dynamic Voice program (2 Day course)

Rave Reviews

I truly gained huge value from your session and I think for the first time was relieved that someone understood the challenges I have faced and have given me the tools and knowledge to over come any obstacles that have previously stood in my way.
Michael Deftereos, General Manager, Merchants Operations

Juliette's voice course assisted me greatly with breathing techniques and resonance. I now breathe more deeply subconsciously and my voice tone has lowered. It is a practical and progressive course.
Robert Farndell, Investec, IT

“KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”. After I have completed the Dynamic Voice Programme with Juliette Jenner I can attest to this fact. I was taught that my voice is the channel to my inner world and that I communicate a lot more than I think through the tone of my voice. Juliette also created a soft place to fall…a place where I could confront my fears about public speaking. She gave me the tools that I needed to control the tone of my voice and as a result to communicate the correct message to my audience. What a great experience!!!!!
Hermie le Roux, Senior ALM Officer, IDC

What did I gain? Wow! The fact that I now have a voice! I can now breathe, speak clearly and occupy space with presence. I am confident that I can be heard when I speak in front of a group. Juliette is great, I could not have asked for anyone better."
Morakane Moalafi, Swiss Re Africa

Juliette Jenner


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