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Mike is 65 years of age and married to Dawn. They have two children and five grandchildren.
Mike is a passionate advocate of South Africa’s potential and after 40 years as an Africa based international entrepreneur his perspective on what will drive REAL Transformation in Africa is provocative but anchored in the wisdom of experience and a deep understanding of the cultural diversity of Africa.

After forty years in business during which time he founded and listed his own company on the JSE, he decided in 1999 to retire from mainstream business and to focus on driving leadership and personal development initiatives in Africa.
In recent times, he has migrated in emphasis to challenging thought leaders to understand and deal with the constraints that are limiting us from achieving our national transformation objectives.

He is the originator of the concept of “Thumbprint Leadership” and producer of “The POTENT Thumbprint Leaders Program”, a personal and leadership development program designed to deal with cultural diversity whilst releasing individual potential.

He is Founder and Chief Executive of THE LEAD AFRICA GROUP whose purpose is “To Fast Track Real Transformation in Africa” and through which he also delivers a professional mentoring program that focuses on developing mentoring relationships between retired and semi retired individuals and emerging entrepreneurs and business people.

He is a founder member and Director of ‘The Global Business Round Table’, a forum through which interested parties can engage around and address issues impacting the real transformation and empowerment of the people of South Africa.

As a facilitator of a think tank convened by The Africa Forum for Religion and Government (AFREG) he is actively involved in the process of gathering together Christians and other interested parties from all walks of South African Society to participate in the process of crafting and implementing a one hundred year Kingdom values based vision for the real transformation of South Africa.

He is an articulate and passionate professional speaker and is available for keynote engagements or conferences, PARTICULARLY if invited to talk to theme of Africa’s potential.


Leadership Beyond Transformation.
Thumbprint Leadership – Effectiveness equals Connectedness.
The EQ & SQ Factors in Organizational Transformation.
Can Affirmative Action ever work?
What is UBUNTU really?
Spirituality, Faith and the bottom line.
Can Capitalist Pigs Fly?
What happens if I am a better leader than my Boss?
The Gender Issue in Leadership
Entrepreneurial versus Intra-preneurial Leadership.

Rave Reviews

“Thank you for a powerful display of oratory. You are now a permanent resource in my portfolio” Professor Lize Booysen. Faculty of Leadership Development. UNISA Graduate School of Business Leadership.

Mike Clarke


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