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Mark Sampson is more than a comedian. He’s a comediator. He’s more than funny. He is the bridge between an audience and an idea.

Sampson knows how to entertain, but he also knows how to listen. How many comedians do that? Normally the comedian’s only aim is to make people smile, often at the expense of other people in the audience, whom he (and it invariably is a ‘he’) mercilessly ridicules in order to get a laugh. Sampson’s skills are somewhat above that. The ultimate improviser, when he interacts with an audience, he hears what they’re saying and responds to it; the laughter is inclusive of everyone, and they build a unique show together.

Rave Reviews

Lane’s reference: Event Co Ordintor – Blue Platinum Events

‘I think Mark was outstanding! The way he spoke about his family and his life experiences gave us all the opportunity to relate to him, despite the fact that he look like a surfer upon arrival. Never judge a book by its cover is what he spoke about and a lesson that we all left with.

Alan Ffitz's reference: General Manager, Corporate Arrairs

“I have never laughed so much in my life when a pommie (like in real royal British) asked me hoezit my bra in a Cape Townian accent Mark is an entertainer of note and has the ability to play with his audience and make them ask for more.”

Elnarie Hendricks - Channel Manager, Bestmed

“Mark was great, I loved the way he interacted with the crowd (though ….some were really put under pressure …. In a good way!!!). The way he brought health and wellness issues in was clever!!”

Mark Sampson has performed Missing Links as part of diversity management programmes nationally for organisations such as Pick’n’Pay and Dept of Science and Technology.

Mark Sampson


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