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How did it all begin?

As a child Mahommed saw his brother perform magic. In high school he learnt and performed a few effects. Years later, Mahommed saw a magician on television and was further astonished. His enquiring mind led him to delve into the art of magic. This fascination soon grew into a hobby, then evolved into a passion. At university he astonished campus students and staff alike.

He firmly believes that each person should experience a sense of astonishment and wonder. In 2004 the nickname "Mo Magic" was given to Mahommed. Since then the name has grown both nationally and internationally amongst audiences and magicians alike.
Having qualified as an electronic engineer (with an honours degree from the University of Natal, South Africa) he currently enjoys a fulfilling career in the motor vehicle industry and performs regularly across South Africa. When asked about this, he cheerfully responds, "The engineering helps stimulate my left brain, associated with logic and order, whereas the art of magic does the same with my right brain, stimulating my creativity and artistic expression. This keeps me balanced and I enjoy them both".
Mo has shared his magic with audiences on national TV, radio and is featured regularly in the media. He first stepped onto the international scene in 2006 when he toured the United Kingdom performing at private events and lecturing to magicians, before visiting Sweden for the World Championships of Magic. Since then he has performed in Angola, Belgium and Turkey.
He has had the opportunity of meeting some of the greatest minds in magic, like Banachek (Consultant to Criss Angel's Mindfreak series), Derren Brown, Luis De Matos, The Evasons (world renowned mentalist duo), Armando Lucero, Keith Barry, Bill Malone and others.

Mo says,"The time spent speaking with these greats and learning from them was amazing. It's inspiring to see what they have accomplished and the joy and astonishment they have brought to audiences worldwide."
Mo is truly thankful for the gift of connecting with audiences, sharing unique and extraordinary experiences with them through the art of magic. This brings a great sense of purpose to his life. One of the messages he conveys in his shows is to, "Live your passion and enjoy the magic in it..."

Magic Societies Membership
The South African Magical Society

Other Qualifications
Bachelor's Degree in Electronic Engineering (BSc Eng) University of Natal Durban (2003)

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