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Simon is a broadcaster and environmental scientist with two decades of experience. He has presented live TV or radio just about every day since November 1999 and has appeared on all of South Africa’s domestic television channels, many of the local radio stations (including being the daily science and weather correspondent for Talk Radio 702 and 567 Cape Talk). He has also appearedon several international stations like the BBC and CCTV.

He is the bestselling author of Going Green (Penguin, 2008) and has contributed to a wide range of magazines, textbooks and website blogs. He has also lectured extensively on South African Environmental Impact Assessments, Air Quality and climate change to businessschools, universities and industry bodies.

As a public speaker he has MC’ed most of South Africa’s top sustainability awards and has been a keynote speaker for a wide range of corporates, NGOs and social groups.

Simon has a passion for science and the environment and is able to bring his love of these subjects alive for his audiences with his personal brand of humour and his relaxed style. He has the advantage, unique on the professional public speaking circuit, of combining an impeccable speaker’s pedigree with a strong background in technical fields.


Green washing vs Green change

Is there such a thing as a sustainable middle class lifestyle? Can a business be both focused on profits

and sustainably green? Can you spot the environmental heroes from the green-washing wannabes?

Can we make money off the end of the world as we know it? It’s worth a try.


Going ‘til it’s gone – our real response to environmental change

The days of cheap energy are over. We face a future that will be absolute constrained by our

gradually dwindling resources. Do we have the foresight and common sense to do something about

it? Probably not, but it should be a fascinating journey, nevertheless.


Happy city, greener world

When we design cities for people instead of cars, strange and interesting things happen. Can we

save the world by putting ourselves first? It can only work better than the current plan of destroying

it to make ourselves miserable.


Going Green

Based on his best selling book of the same name, Simon takes a fun romp through ways to make

your life happier, healthier and cheaper. Oh yes, turns out if you do that, you save the world too.

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