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As a workshop facilitator, motivational keynote speaker and comedy entertainer,
Jacques Volschenk has the ability to move people in a way they have never envisioned. It all starts by getting people optimistic and preparing them to change their mindsets to do "ANYTHING" and not just "SOMETHING" with practical tools they can immediately put to use. Jacques uses psychology, body language, unique insights into human behaviour and slight of mind together with slight of hand to compliment his presentations. With his unique presentation style Jacques takes positive thinking to a whole new level with his strength, his passion, his magic, his knowledge, and his beliefs.

"Magic Beneath Your Wings"
Attendees will grab hold of their own "Magic Beneath Their Wings" with an attitude where anything is possible and the tools to help them achieve their magical goals. Jacques's main focus in his talk is to refresh and inspire attendees to again think way beyond "Outside the Square" and increase their self-power of life's magic.

"Winning Mind Power"
The Mind is a powerful tool and within us is the infinite power to increase our effectiveness of life. Simple techniques that Jacques use together with powerful body language experiments will show you that the mind can easily be read or manipulated in any circumstances. In the workplace and everyday life these techniques will certainly change a person's life and generate a vibrant energetic field with the following to enhance: Get excited in life, Discover your magical power of mindsets, Believe in yourself and build up your Self-confidence, Dealing and coping with change and getting the best out of yourself as well as others.

"Beyond Motivation"
Jacques takes attendees on a path where they uncover a hidden power beyond any motivation. This power is the drive and harness towards a direct goal to express and expand in everything you do. Although it is very personal and unique, the more fully you allow it to flow from you, the more richness your life will know. It is so powerful yet not material and if we listen to it, it creates a magnetic effect to attract people and opportunities. It is the key for your organization's team to be more involved, focused and to achieve the goals you want.


Unleash Your Magic - Teambuilding Workshop
Magic Beneath Your Wings - Inspirational Motivational Talk
Magical Mind Power - Pep Talk

Jacques Volschenk


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