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Summary Profile

BARRY BLOMKAMP - Turbo Talk Training:

With fifteen years of public speaking experience, and virtually
every conference he speaks at evaluating him as "Best Speaker",
BARRY BLOMKAMP is justifiably one of SA's foremost Inspirational
Speakers and Corporate Entertainers.

Why does BARRY BLOMKAMP stand out in the crowd?
Why is he so different from the herd?

About Barry :

After a meteoric rise up the entrepreneurial ladder and well-set to
do extremely well for himself, a silly mistake resulted in a motor
car crash which almost took Barry out!

Suddenly totally blind,contemplating amputation of both his legs,
physically and mentally broken, forced to stay months in hospital,
his young family in ruins, his expanding business down the tubes,
reliving the mistake every day, emotional despair, feeling trapped
in a disabled body with no way out!

Then, THE LIGHT... he extracted an extremely important lesson from
the tragic mess he had found himself in.

BARRY BLOMKAMP's 1-2 hour presentations cut through the clutter of
motivational fads and wake you up to a practical and systematic way
to create your own individual and effective strategy: A Winning
Personal Profit Recipe.

His enlightening life-changing story will give you a new and
unique perspective - VISION! It will blow your mind and reset many
of those 'taken-for-granted' thought patterns.
Vixen, Barry's guide dog, adds to the ambience in your experience
of an incredible elevation in your step up to self-realisation.

Barry has over twenty five years of business experience,
first as an award-winning service industry executive, then as a
public relations practitioner and now a social entrepreneur.

In his previous life, Barry did it all... long-distance swimming,
surfing, spear fishing, flying, mountain climbing, cycling,
successful entrepreneur and motor racing... Then the accident...
Having to deal with time in a wheel chair, to the traumatic
adaption to the loss of his eye-sight and having to manage a
severely shocked family... and then the "Bounce Back" - which saw
him becoming a leading light in the disabled community, the world's
only blind motor racing commentator, and creating his very
successful "Turbo-Talk Training" public speaking business, to name
but a few.

Over many years, Barry has taken his intense life-changing message
right into the minds and hearts of many thousands. Balanced with an
excellent sense of humour and invigorating motivation, Barry is the
ideal Key Speaker or Entertainer for all functions...

" Barry and his guide dog, Vixen are fantastic. He has a
wonderful ability to joke about everything in life and especially
himself and his blindness. He is refreshingly zany and leaves you
with a sense of WOW! Why am I feeling sorry for myself? Barry
Blomkamp is highly recommended."

Hit life's pause key and book Barry and Vixen for your next
function. His engaging sharp-witted sense of humour, the good fun,
the unique genuineness is exceptional and will leave you relaxed,
chuckling and inspired!

Other than Inspirational speaking, Barry is a great entertainer,
doing top class fall-about Master-of-Ceremonies and compere work.
The bonus is GUARANTEED INSPIRATION each time.

Barry's client list includes most of SA's foremost corporates and
he is interviewed regularly on Radio and TV.

Barry's maxim: "You don't need eye-sight to have VISION"



Most of the presentations below come with
free 8 page colour high-value Worksheet/handouts to a maximum of
50. For larger audiences, a small printing fee is required.

presentations/programs are entitled:

(Deals with the amazing ability of the Human Spirit)

(Mealtime entertainment: Light-hearted humour with an Inspirational
thread. Designed to be occasion-specific)

(Deals with Balance, Sorting, Acceptance and Appreciation)

(Deals with Positive Thought Control)

(Deals with Acceptance, Responsibility and Performance)

(Deals with Personal Life Purpose, Concentration and Focus)

-- All presentations are researched and constructed to be
appropriate to each particular event --

Rave Reviews

Arthur Gillis (CEO) Protea Hotel Group
"There is no doubt that we all have something to learn from Barry.
The way he has risen above his adversity is an example and an inspiration to us all. Barry has huge take-home-value"

Tanya Stone (Director) Conference Wise
"I thought: 'Wow, look at Barry and how positive he is after all
the trauma he has gone through!!' You are so right - if you
believe in yourself, you can do anything! your ABILITY statement
is so powerful! You have amazing humour - you allow people to
laugh at themselves too, and also create awareness that everybody
makes mistakes. I also learnt so much! You are touching and
influencing people, giving them insight and making a huge
difference in such a good way. Your talk is a great tool."

Andre Havenga (General Manager) Insurance Hotline
"Listening to Barry makes one realize that we must appreciate what
we have and never take it for granted. Where we are or end up in
life is determined by the choices we make and to search for the
reasons & answers in whatever happens to us in life."

Mike Glasby REG. MAN. CTN) Mutual & Federal Insurance Co. Ltd.

"Thank you for attending our conference and for the inspiring
presentation that you delivered. I certainly believe that it will
have had the same effect on my colleagues as it did on me. That is
one of amazement at what can be achieved if you get your mind
right. I find myself pondering things that you said well after the
conference took place. Generally, it has made me more positive
about some of the "massive" challenges that we need to face. It's
all about ABILITY."

Barry Blomkamp


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