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Deon Basson is the Founder and CEO of 2interact specialist negotiation consulting, coaching and training organization. Deon has a B.Sc, B.Sc Hon (Information Technology) and an MBA. Deon is a major supporter of the importance of the Human Element in any interaction/negotiation. His focus is the understanding of the different role players (including personality profiles, cultures, etc) in a negotiation/interaction and the use thereof to drive a successful process. Deon has conducted assignments globally and has lived in Europe and Africa. Deon regularly consults to leading organisations locally and internationally on sales negotiation strategies. Deon frequently presents at seminars on negotiation. Deon is now a professional speaker, trainer and motivator, travelling around the world on topics relating to improving performance (especially sales) by focussing on how people naturally negotiate and interact.


*The aggregation of marginal gains in sales – What do the top sales people do differently? * Life's a pitch..... then you fly - Sales & Communications

Rave Reviews

Excellent, thought provoking and really really practical. – Microsoft Partner Summit Entertaining and learning combined. What a brilliant talk presented with such a natural style. – Barclays Great, great presentation and I am immediately starting to implement. The soft stuff is really becoming the most important in any work situation. - T-Systems In a class of its own! – Shell Deon has a high-spirited charisma and presents with natural humor, emotion, thought provoking words and intelligence. While many speakers are purely actors, Deon comes with a long history of corporate success making his talks extremely relevant to audiences that want inspiration, fun and the message being very applicable to the workplace. – Skills Factory Highly motivational, highly thought provoking, dramatic increase in performance. - Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He knows his subject, he knows selling, he knows people, he can really motivate. – Skills Factory How do you do this Deon? You improved motivation dramatically in a single day. - Spearhead Property Group. By understanding the human element in any interaction/negotiation Deon showed us how to dramatically improve our relationships and hence the performance of sales. – T-Systems. Brilliant presenter and motivator – APSO conference Knowledgeable and Entertaining – Hollard He really made me think on how to handle people and how to persuade them. Great presentation and humor. – Plaaskem/UAP

Deon Basson


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