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John Tibane, a medical consultant turned leadership consultant and professional speaker integrates his combination of unique experience in personal transformation, academic and practical background in medicine, and consulting for various organisations into his keynote and training sessions.

With Dr Tibane at the helm of Tibane Consulting, a broad spectrum of custom-design programmes has been established

John Tibane blends encouragement, enlightenment, enablement and engagement of his audiences to ensure empowerment. The experience Dr Tibane brings to his presentations is as a result of three ventures:

Seven years of medical schooling gave him KNOWLEDGE
Seven years of medical practice gave him UNDERSTANDING
Interacting with local and international captains of industry gave him WISDOM
He speaks with passion on:

Personal and Organisational Excellence
Human Potential and Development
Transformation and Change
Embracing Diversity
Dr Tibane holds Bachelor's degree in Medicine and Surgery, he is a diplomat in Business Management and Executive Development, and a Student of Philosophy


* Personal and Organizational Performance
* Everyday Excellence
* Triumphant Teams
* Thinking for Winning
* Strategic Thinking
* Legendary Service
* Transformational Leadership
* Corporate Revival
* Embracing Diversity.

Rave Reviews

"Just a word of thank you to Speakers of Note - dr Tibane was excellent, the guys loved him, his got a great sense of humour and he was absolutely brilliant. We will definately make a HUGE note to use him again in future." Anneke Friend - Pioneer Foods

John Tibane


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