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Dr Piet Muller is a futurist and creativity consultant who brings with him a wealth of experience in diverse fields. He was amongst others co-founder of two publishing houses, and founding editor of an opinion magazine. He is also an active environmentalist, who was involved in various conservation projects and presents seminars on the future.
For his political journalism and especially his attempts at bringing the ANC and the then South African government to the negotiating table, he was awarded with the SFW Award for journalism (the only time it was ever awarded for political journalism) and with the International Visitor Travel Grant of the American Information Service.


To Morrow is a New Ball Game
Discover your nine creative intelligences
How to beat stress the sensible way
Visualisation – for healing and sports
A New Life is Waiting
The Road to Greatness

Rave Reviews

Well, in short, “IT WAS A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE FOR ME!!” - S. van W., Sasol, Secunda

To most of us the future is opaque. Dr. Piet Muller, however, makes it his business to attempt to lift the veil. Dr. Muller is a futurist who helps people working in big corporations to augur the future and to make intellectual paradigm shifts that can help their business to survive and thrive in swiftly changing environments. Sonja Burger, in Wine Lands, June 2006

If ever there was a book that every thinking South African who is concerned about the future should read, Tomorrow is a New ball Game calls out for serious consideration. It is essential reading. Cyrus Smith in the Pretoria News

I love listening to Piet Muller because he has a natural ability to connect intellectually and spiritually with his audience and at the same time provide them with interesting facts and tales he collected over years of reading and research. Hermien Murphy. Manager: ISO and Procedures, Corporate and Investment Banking, Standard Bank, Johannesburg

Dr. Piet Muller’s talk was an energy injection for me! I will no longer fret about ageing, but rather concentrate on all those productive years I still have to en joy and to utilise.
Thea Nigrini, Tina Skukan Art Gallery, Pretoria

Piet Muller


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