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From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes

Billy is a native of Tembisa - a township on the East Rand very close to Johannesburg International Airport . Through some serious hard work; a Big Dream; a score of Mentors and very positive and inspired attitude, Billy now owns and runs his own Motivational Training , Leadership/Management Development, Strategy Formulation and Implementation business, with an International foot print in London, where he has carved a partnership with MaPS UK (Motivation and Personal Success) headed by Albert Smith and EYS (Education and Youth Services) with more than 40 Learning Centres around the UK, headed by Richard Atkinson, Yvonne Atkinson and Neil Beaty
His focus is on personal/organizational transformation and inspiring both individuals and organizations to want to be the best that they can be and to offer them the means of achieving that altered status. His initial focus was South Africa and SADEC but with organic growth - he now plays in the World market.
He uses his motivational techniques which he has learned through his interaction with books from a host of other motivational speakers; strategists; exceptional business leaders (commercial and social); ordinary people who have done extra-ordinary things and put their names in our memories; and that young man or women who wakes up in Africa with a hope and faith of being the best that they believe they were born to be.
One of his many personal goals was to have read thousand (1000) books by the end of 2003. He didn't reach that goal but increased his knowledge base by going above 600. He is very passionate about being a South African first and being an African second.
He is currently researching and will be talking and writing about "Compassionate Capitalism" , which is a concept he believes will give Africa an opportunity to play a very direct and meaningful role in the Global Economy.
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• From Barefoot to Snakeskin Shoes


The 7 Power Principles “From barefoot to Snakeskin shoes”

Be a Brand and Matter

Run it Your Way

Transcendental Leadership

Serve & Sell to Win

Billy Selekane


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