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Mark Berger is the CEO of Mark Berger Training. He has been a professional speaker since 1996 and is currently president of the Cape Town Chapter of the Professional Speakers Association of SA. With hundreds of conferences under his belt, Mark's presentations are described as relevant, powerful and humorous. Audiences are moved to action by his riveting visuals, startling facts and practical take home tools. Listening to Mark will cause you to listen, laugh, think, feel and remember.


Topic 1: Solving the Communication Conundrum ' Ensuring that the Message Received is the Message Intended. How to immediately improve your Communication Skills. Never before have we had such a variety of communication tools at our disposal. They range from open plan office layouts to email, sms, skype cell phone, instant chat messaging, face book and twitter, to name but a few. Yet one of the biggest complaints in companies today is that there is a distinct lack of EFFECTIVE, RELEVANT communication taking place. During this interactive presentation, Mark will provide fascinating examples of miscommunication and why it happens. He will introduce us to a simple and powerful model of the Cycle of Communication. He will then outline the 4 Key Components of Successful Communication and invite the audience to practise these important skills to ensure that they can be applied back at the workplace. He will conclude with 4 vital techniques to ensure that MEETINGS become shorter, more effective and highly productive. Topic 2: Winning Ways to Work Smarter ' Advanced Time Management Tools and Techniques. Despite wonderful technological advances, designed to make our lives easier, many of us today still feel overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time to get it all done. During this presentation, Mark will outline the how to improve your effectiveness by using the Pareto Principle of 80/20. He will also introduce you to the 'Wheel of Life' tool for maintaining a healthy work / life balance. He will show you how to use the 4 Key P's of Time Management which are: Planning, Prioritising, Proceeding and avoiding Procrastination. Mark will conclude with vital tips on how to DELEGATE effectively to others. Topic 3: From Organisations to Organisms - Making the Vital Shift Happen in Your Company. Managing staff effectively in turbulent times is an ongoing challenge for company management. During this powerful presentation, Mark will take you through a brief history of organisational structures and then outline a dramatic new way forward for sustainable growth. An organism can be described as a collection of individual yet interdependent component parts, working together to achieve a common goal. Using this analogy, Mark will highlight new ways for Leaders and Managers to create significant change in their organisations. He will show you how to move beyond Staff Motivation to TRANSFORMATION, which will ensure that individuals and teams are able function at optimum levels. As a result, the pressure on managers is significantly reduced, freeing them up to focus on the bigger picture. Topic 4: The Monk who kept his Mercedes ' How to find immediate peace of mind RIGHT NOW, whilst working steadily towards your future goals. During this presentation, Mark will share his experience and learning from 24 years of intense personal growth and four trips to India. He will illustrate the impact of our busy lives on our physical and mental well being. He will help you to become aware of the continual 'noise and chatter' in your head. Mark will also explain how we tend to postpone our inner success and happiness to some future date, resulting in us often feeling dissatisfied and stressed out. He will then show you how to combine the best of western success formula's with eastern relaxation principles to create instant peace of mind ' right now!

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Just a short note to let you know that Mark's presentation was awesome on Tuesday. The feedback so far has been really positive! Many thanks and regards. (Paula Johnson -Pam Golding Properties) SAY team-building and clich's spring to mind'add Mark Berger in this equation and you have a winning recipe! His practical and dynamic approach to team building has elicited a phenomenal response from our departments that have been fortunate enough to spend time with him. He has added value to us as individuals and collectively as a team. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark for any team intervention. (Conway Nesbitt ' SPAR Retail Operations) Mark ' Just to say THANKS for Friday. You were GREAT. The delegates really enjoyed you and you did make a difference. We will contact you again in the future. (Beulah van Rensburg ' Media 24) First impression lasts forever and ever ' you came down to my 'level' and through this my unconditional respect (Elmaret Nel ' Sasko Milling and Baking) Excellent guy ' great motivator. Mark knows exactly what he is talking about. I learnt so much from him. His presentation style was excellent. I definitely will use the knowledge I got from the presentation and put it into practice (Fiona Payne ' Swazi MTN Ltd) He really opened my eyes. I would like to be like him. Thank you Mark for being so passionate in what you do (Yvonne Heyn ' NAMFISA) This section (Mark's presentation) I enjoyed the most and found the most enlightening. I certainly came away with a lot more knowledge about myself (Megan Elliot ' PA to Mark Shuttleworth) Mark is the most warm, amazing, inspirational person I have ever listened to. I did a lot of soul searching. He really touched me in a very special way (Derval Rust ' Coega Development Corporation) Mark was baie baie baie goed ' outstanding (Blom Alberts ' Spoornet) Mark's easy going nature makes it a pleasure to participate in his session. The content is excellent and is something that really makes you think. I found great value in his presentation (Lindsay Fiamingo ' Old Mutual) Made me take stock of my life and I realise that I need to make changes in my life (Michelle Russell ' Old Mutual)

Mark Berger


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