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Who is CH2?
Leon’s musical career started at the tender age of 3 when he performed one of the best known hit songs “Baa, Baa black sheep” at bath time one evening…
On a more serious “note” he is the rhythm, percussion and “kick” drum of CH2, evidenced by his energetic and powerful style of play. He is considered by most of his friends to be…rather special…and even a bit nutty!
Corneille started playing the guitar at the age of 6 on a four string plastic toy guitar after watching South African artist David Kramer on television one night - the guitar was bought at the OK Bazaars … A modest beginning for a very dedicated musician who has received numerous national awards and international recognition as a guitarist. Combine the two players and you get a fusion of rhythm, harmony and energy that blows you away!!!
Basically we love the guitar and playing it! CH2 is passionate about what we do and our mission can be summarized as follows:
• Do what you love for a living! (we certainly are privileged enough to be in that position and brave enough to have taken that leap of faith!)
• Do it with people that you love and like! (Leon is not too bad…)
• And feel like you are making a difference in others lives!
We certainly believe that through our music we can a make a difference in people’s lives! Even if we just put a smile on someone’s face we would have achieved our goal!
CH2 is about music, about passion and most of all, about FUN!!! ENJOY!!!

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