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Paul Bridle is the world’s foremost leadership methodologist. For a quarter of a century, he has studied successful businesses and organizations, focusing on the people who lead them. His research has helped him determine the mindset—and methodology—required to become a successful leader. International Researcher, Leadership Feature Writer & Author, Inspirational Professional Speaker, Leadership Consultant & Facilitator, Personal Executive Coach Paul was born in Africa and moved to England in the mid seventies. He has successfully set up and run a number of international companies and has a wide range of experience in management of small and large organisations. He still owns companies in three continents however, now spends the majority of his time researching and developing leaders. Paul is currently: *A Leadership Advisor for the Institute of Leadership and Management - UK *A faculty member and regular international speaker for the Institute for Management Studies - International *An Enterprise Advisor for the Governments National Enterprise Advisory Service - UK *An Investor in People Assessor for National and International organisations – International *Past President of the International Federation for Professional Speakers – International *Past President of the Professional Speakers Association – Europe *A Certified Speaking Professional – International His work is now devoted mainly to developing and training people to build successful organisations. His specialised area is in 'Leadership' where he has spent 17 years researching the subject and developing material. He has personally researched what makes a good leader and has taken time to understand the mindset of successful leaders. His presentations are enlightening, exciting, inspirational and highly informative. The results of his research allow people to discover the true qualities of a leader as well as give people the opportunity to measure themselves against what is expected from a Leader. Paul delivers a powerful presentation because he is both a motivated and a passionate speaker backed up with an excellent knowledge of his specialist subject, Leadership. He wants people to go away from his presentation and practically use the information they have received to improve their ability in the workplace.


• Moving from Management to Leadership—the Key to Your Success: Differentiate between management and leadership and use a framework to evaluate and improve performance. • The Four Expectations of a Leader: Identify areas in which you are most effective and which need improvement. Ensure your organization can develop leaders who meet these needs. • Teamwork Is Dead—Long Live Teams That Work: Measure teams against four qualities needed for a “Team That Works” and define the appropriate style of leadership for a specific team. • It Is Not About Customer Service—It Is About Engaging!: Learn customers’ expectations for business these days and how to engage the customer more effectively. • Stop Motivating Your People…It’s Not Your Job!: Discover the seven elements that need to be in place to empower people. • The Mindset of a Leader: Identify what prevents you from being a successful leader and use the single greatest technique to engage with others more effectively.

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I gained a great deal from your research and the way you articulated your ideas. Your work and style has very neatly complemented the mix of theoretical, anecdotal and historical approaches, and for that I am very grateful indeed. Group Captain P.W.D Ruddock, Royal Air Force UK Kate Ancketill, Managing Director, GDR Creative Intelligence “Paul spoke at this year’s retreat. The case study he showed from a restaurant in South Africa was inspiring and informative and left me with several concrete ideas to apply to my own business, which is in a very different sector. Paul’s insightful comments were extremely thought-provoking and highly valued by the CEOs present. We all left buzzing with ideas on how to improve our businesses.” Paul is one of the speakers who was rated highly at the IPM 50th annual convention held at Sun City in October last year and has the ability to assist delegates identify critical issues that would help their organisations to sustain a competitive edge over their competitors. Elijah Litheko Chief Executive Officer Institute of People Management

Paul Bridle


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