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Roger is a professional speaker, one of the founding members of the National Speakers Association of Southern Africa and the immediate past president of the KZN Chapter. He was a well known attorney for more than 25 years (a specialist in the field of Divorce and Family law), who not only ran a busy legal practice but also appeared regularly in the High Court doing the work of an advocate. A scintillating, passionate and humorous speaker, Roger was recently described by Clive Simpkins as “A master of the speakers’ craft.” THE CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT The basics, the details, the implications the rights and the duties the Act imposes on suppliers and consumers…. Everything you may want, or need, to know; Roger offers a range of programs From an informative – and even light-hearted – overview, To all the gory details, including training and compliance needs. Roger is the subject-matter expert who is also an entertaining speaker. An attorney admitted to practise in the High Court, Roger is an experienced and popular professional speaker with many years experience in making complex topics both simple and interesting, transforming the dull to the exciting and humorous. Roger has made an in-depth study of the Consumer Protection Act. In association with other specialists, he is monitoring the introduction of this new law, helping business and society understand and engage with it. The Act comes into force at the end of March 2011 and will effect every transaction in the Republic, the rights of all suppliers and consumers. It will be topical from the next one or two years, as business and society learn to assimilate it into the South African environment. Right now, it is strange, new and unknown. Program options are flexible and may be suited to your needs: 1. Keynote talks from 25 minutes to 45 minutes 2. Short overview – from 40 minutes to 90 minutes. 3. Detailed overview – from 90 minutes to 180 minutes. 4. Readiness assessment exercises, strategy planning. 5. Training and Preparation, Scenario Exercises, ongoing support. THE POWER OF CONNECTION (Connecting Skills, Networking) He is an expert in the dynamics of Relationships, ‘Connecting’, Effective Communication, Conciliation and Networking. His ‘signature’ presentation entitled “The Power of Connection” explores the secrets of charismatic people. What attracts us to one another, creates relationships and keeps us connected? Is it something we are born with or is it a learnable skill? Guaranteed to help his audience become memorable in their own right, to inspire them to develop an effective network and attract endless referrals! He also offers a full-day workshop on “The Power of Connection, including the skills required to build and operate an effective network. Other topics available on request, include Communication Between Men and Women and an excellent talk for high schools, based on The Power of Connection seminar. The perfect presentations for all Women's Day functions: MEN, MONEY & YOU • Money & relationships • The myth of the common law wife • Minimising your financial vulnerabilty in marriage COPING WITH YOUR CAVEMAN • Compare fantasy men with reality • Learn some recently discovered facts • Find out why men think so differently from women WHO'S THE BOSS, PARENT OR CHILD? • Major changes in the law • 18 Year olds are now considered adults • Unmarried parents rights & how they've changed DEVELOP PERSONAL MAGNETISIM • The keys to communicating with other people • The secrets of compelling behaviour • The ingredients of personal charisma


- Consumer Protection Act - The Power of Connection - Men, Money and You - Coping With Your Caveman - Who's the Boss, Parent or Child - Develop Personal Magnetism

Roger Knowles


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