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Iona has been immersed in the world of money and finance from the first day she started her career. After cutting her teeth in the banking sector she joined Progressive Systems College, to market and develop a revolutionary way of teaching private investors how to trade in the stock market. The resulting training course was a world first in combining correspondence education with telephone help lines and simulated brokerage accounts. This gave students the opportunity to sharpen their skills before investing.

In 1988, she was a member of the team that took those stock market training methods to the USA and rewrote the course to suit the American markets. During 1994, she was involved with developing financial education products in response to the disturbing personal debt trends in the United States. She also studied the emotional aspects of why people get into financial difficulty, and developed a keen interest in the subject of emotional intelligence. Through her PR capabilities and knowledge of the media she built up Financial Fitness Consulting into a household name.

Iona’s 20 years of experience in diverse financial markets has given her a broad and detailed knowledge of how the money world works. As a result of her knowledge and passion to help individuals achieve financial independence, she has been featured on many radio and TV stations, and has had permanent tenures on 3Talk, 702 and Metro FM. .

In addition to her writing and consulting, she is frequently asked to do public presentations on the subject of personal finance. She is the author of two best selling books, Financial Fitness for Women and ‘the property game’ which helps first time buyers deal with the intricacies of purchasing a home.
Due to her PR, marketing and writing expertise she often consults to large financial institutions. She recently completed the entire content solution for the re-launch of Standard Banks Achiever Plan.

She has a strong interest and knowledge in all aspects of finance, including the Property market, Stock Market, Insurance and Investment arenas. She has written on more technical subjects like currency trading, venture capital, corporate governance, tax, specialist banking, technical analysis and e-business/commerce.

She is currently the Managing partner of the Money Toolkit, a company specialising in financial training.



Investing made simple.
How manage your credit report and build wealth
How to get out of debt
Money and relationships-how to create financial harmony
How to plan for your retirement
Understanding financial contracts
Investing in turbulent times
Understanding spending patterns of the new middle class.
How to make your staff financially fit.
Basic stock market investing.
How to plan your estate (wills trusts etc)
Making a budget work for you.

Rave Reviews

'Iona Minton ­ South Africa's most accessible personal finance writer and speaker has
made the business of managing your money both understandable and achievable.
This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their lives
­ and their bank balance.'
Deborah Herd, editor Edgars Club Magazine

If you're one of those people who shudder at the business section of your
local newspaper, Iona Minton's no-nonsense approach to all matters financial
will give you all the confidence you need – from how to save on your next
car service, to spotting a fraud or simply taking loan.
Jason Brown, Editor of Men's Health

Women simply cannot afford the luxury of pleading helplessness about financial management, any more than we can afford to not know the effect of cheesecake on how jeans fit. Financial Fitness for Women is a brilliantly logical, compelling read, which dismisses all our excuses, and provides the wherewithall to get over the mental blocks. It's long overdue.
Heather Parker Editor SHAPE Magazine

Iona is the agony aunt of the financial world. She offers sound practical advice with empathy and warmth and encourages women to take their heads out of the sand when it comes to managing their money. Consider this book for a wealthy ever after.
Yvonne Kramer ClicksCard Editor

Iona Minton has the knack of explaining personal finance in an accessible way combining the bedside manner of a trusted family physician with the incisive skill of an investigative journalist. She understands the psychology behind money which makes the advice that she imparts on iafrica.com so compelling.
Brett Hilton-Barber Editor in Chief iafrica.

Iona Minton


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