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The world of motivational speaking comes under comic scrutiny as popular zany comedian Aaron McIlroy takes a slanted view of the new-age quick-fix positivity in his musical comedy THE LOSER.

Placing the focus squarely on humour through characterisation, McIlroy takes a skewed squiz at the world of motivational speaking as he introduces a host of unusual and eccentric individuals allowing him to take the mickey out of this genre in a variety of angles.

Directed by vita-award winning actress Sue Montregge, "THE LOSER" is packed with high energy take-offs of songs featuring the music of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Shel Silverstein, Tom Waits, Lou Vega and a range of Elvis tunes, all performed by means of the different personae. The audience is introduced to Truscot Price, the "world-renowned and unconventional" motivational speaker whose magnetic appeal and positivity are contradicted by his offbeat leaps in logic and his unfortunate tragi-comic past.

His psychologist and the narrator of the story, Preston Blackwood Smythe, questions his mental health and is confounded by Truscot's ability to reform even the most bizarre of cases. The audience is introduced to an "unbelievable" line-up of celebrities and strange individuals who attribute their questionable journey of self discovery to Truscot.

THE LOSER is a musical comedy which provides light relief to the more serious side of motivational speaking and the affects it has had on the lives of various characters, interspersed with some really good rock 'n roll music, the show is a must see for anyone needing a good laugh and a thoroughly enjoyable evening's entertainment.


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Rave Reviews

Darker shades of Mike Lipkin?.....Like no speaker you have seen, so funny and outrageous he should be employed by companies to come and speak and to expose the hypocrisies and idiosyncrasies of the power of positive thinking. - Michael Tarr

Aaron McIlroy


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