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Often confused as a mentalist “Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist” is an award winning hypnotist, but if your idea of a hypnotist is a tuxedo swinging a pocket watch…prepared to be amazed. Andre the Hilarious Hypnotists wacky physical comedy and electrifying personality will convince you that this is not a typical hypnosis show.
Stage Hypnosis is truly audience participation at it’s finest. Volunteers will be hypnotised to open their imaginations and create a visual release of hilarious talents into the spotlight.

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist maintains his reputation of being the funniest hypnotist today with his adrenaline induced originality and constant peppering of unpredictable wit.


Hilarious Hypnotism Show

Rave Reviews

“ the show was amazing …..” 22 Jan 2006 – Sunday Times “laugh a minute guaranteed..” Daily Dispatch Wed Sept 15, 2003 “rollicking Good fun where the star of the show is the audience” 14 May – Argus

Andre The Hilarious Hypnotist


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