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A keynote address on the subject of Change

Corrie Campbell - postmaster of the Nuga Moya Post Office - has learned, through years of hard experience, how unthreatening and refreshing CHANGE can be.

His MISSION is to spread this message wide and far in his guise as a Corporate Communications Expert.

His VISION is to disseminate his acquired knowledge to all his fellow South Africans. (Only Corrie calls it inseminating the information).

In the course of his highly entertaining presentation he demonstrates a remarkable talent as a raconteur, who unwittingly displays all the recognisable human foibles and fears, which so many people have in common with him.

Corrie Campbell's appeal as the common man is limitless. In laughing partly with him and partly at his recognizable foibles, there is scope for a real connection with audiences, as we struggle with the inevitable and sometimes radical changes necessitated by transformation.

Key messages are:
Change can be unthreatening and refreshing.
Change cannot be forced, but nevertheless needs to be addressed consistently and urgently.
The complex art of listening requires a focus on the unheard sounds: - the subtext of a situation.
Stereotypes are useful, because they enable us to categorize and understand the world. But pigeon-holing is unfair and breeds prejudice.
Positive inter-group relations occur only with equal status; common goal focus; cooperative dependency and positive endorsement from authorities, laws and customs

Corrie Campbell


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