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Marc Gower has delivered business, inspirational and motivational presentations at conferences and meetings worldwide. He has appeared on the cover of Brainstorm magazine and has been quoted hundreds of times in various publications.

Everyone would like to know what the future holds, but few actually have the vision, the experience and the skills to see the issues that will transform the landscape. Marc is one of those few who grasp those issues and sees tomorrow's landscape!

Marc is no fortuneteller, but he is an educated consultant whose skills enable him to develop practical strategies that are applicable at all employment levels. Marc's work focuses on how the Internet has painted today's landscape that we live in while the "new" economy and e-business has failed to deliver on its promise. How a new knowledge economy is again revolutionizing how we will work and live; how new social models are emerging that will shake the foundations of what we now understand.

Marc is continually demonstrating to leaders how their organizations can reinvent themselves by improving effectiveness and efficiency. Leaders in all industries are being helped to understand current dynamics and prepare for future challenges. Teams are inspired to adapt to new models and new ways of working; to overcome cultural and teamwork challenges; to embrace the future and not withdraw from it.

Marc presents an inspirational and unique perspective of the future; of innovation and business strategy by mixing enthusiasm and humor with motivational stories to deliver a high content message that challenges and "Empowers Audiences to Achieve Extraordinary Results!"

Marc is the founding member and Consulting Director for James Caird Consulting a world-class consulting practice focusing on innovation and market engagement. Marc has many years of experience in sales and marketing as well as in developing and implementing innovation and business strategies.

Prior to establishing James Caird Consulting, Marc was Marketing Director of Oracle for Africa where he successfully led efforts to consolidate and integrate Oracle's marketing strategies that resulted in reduced costs, increased market penetration, accuracy and efficiency. During his tenure with Oracle Corporation, Marc was involved with the implementation of best practices and was awarded a Global Innovation award for his marketing strategies. He first entered the market management profession with IBM before joining Oracle.


Next, and Then?
What will it Take?
Embracing the Knowledge Citizen

Rave Reviews

Some Comments from Marc's Audiences:
"Marc has helped us discount the distractions. He has focused us on the big structures. We have cut 'today' down to size and now have a sense of tomorrow."

"We have gained different insights that have moulded our strategy."

"Goodness knows I have changed. It has changed me!"

Marc Gower


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