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Summary Profile

Barbara Parker is a leading speaker in organisational stress management specializing in the neuroscience of stress and resilience building. 

She is a Motivational Speaker, Workshop Leader and Life Coach specializing in the neuroscience of meditation and stress management. She has practiced meditation for the past 20 years and led meditation workshops for the past 14 years. 

As an executive decision maker and board member she has witnessed the debilitating impact of stress on business leaders and staff, causing failure where there should be success. “Unmanaged stress is a business killer. Nothing stops productivity more decisively in its tracks than an anxiety-riddled workforce,” she says. 

Mediation is no longer associated with new age mystics, she says, “it is now recognised as the number one strategy for success by top athletes, the military and business leaders around the world.” 

Barbara is the CEO of Meditation for Business which specialises in public speaking and developing resilience-to-stress programs throughout organisations, starting with decision makers. 

“Success,” Barbara says, “begins with leaders and influences understanding what they up against and why. Only then will they be willing to do something about it.” 

“We are about building executives and teams with the mental toughness to thrive!” 

“Don’t let stress stop your success.”


Barbara's CV

In today's stress-filled business world Barbara Parker is Motivational Speaker specializing in stress management and resilience building. She is one of the founding executives to recognise the business value of meditation in managing stress and building resilience in the workplace. 

Today, the difference between people who are functionally employable and those who are not is their ability to survive and thrive under stress. As a business executive, Barbara has seen first-hand the impact of meditation in reducing symptoms of stress and unlocking the clarity and focus so critical for productivity and profits. 

Barbara is CEO of Meditation for Business, a company specialising in stress management and resilience building at all levels throughout organisations. Managing stress is key to all forward-thinking executives, she says, to future-proof productivity, profits and careers. 

Barbara has practised meditation for over eighteen years and has led meditation workshops for over eleven years. She has twenty-three years of board and executive management experience. Her areas of specialization have included software development and design, and organisational alignment and optimisation. 

Barbara is currently a board member of several companies including the Salberg group of companies. She was the author of the Visions Report (2000), which offered an insightful analysis of the employment equity process in South Africa from the ERP software perspective. She is also the developer of the innovative business tool, Macrographics, which is currently being utilised in gamification of business software. 

Barbara is a graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand and University of Johannesburg, and has a Bachelor of Social Science Honours (Psychology).

Rave Reviews

Barbara’s way of explaining the neuroscience of stress and resilience building is uncomplicated and to the point. Her talk immediately impacted my executive decision making process and leadership style”. Sivaji Murukesan, Executive, GTL Petroleum. 

“Barbara’s presentation style is funny, light hearted and razor sharp on business matters. She has a way of simplifying complex subjects without loss of gravitas. Bea Coetzee, HR professional, manufacturing industry. 

“For the first time I really understood stress, its impact on my personal and professional life, and what I need to do to take control. Her talk is a must have for all executives under pressure”. Elize Neethling, cryptocurrency executive. 

Barbara Parker


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