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Inspirational speaker and best-selling author, Nikki Bush, is highly regarded among business people, educators, therapists and parents alike as she helps them to make sense of, and stay connected in, a fast-changing world.
Her work is fuelled by her passion for play, connection and relationships. She is fondly referred to as a Creative Parenting Expert in parenting and education circles and is gaining a reputation as a Talent Whisperer in the corporate sphere.
She is the co-author of three bestselling books: Future-proof Your Child (Penguin, 2008) co-authored with Dr Graeme Codrington, Easy Answers to Awkward Questions (Metz Press, 2009) co-authored with Ilze Alberts and Tech-Savvy Parenting (Bookstorm, 2014) co-authored with Arthur Goldstuck. She recently published two ebooks: Talent Re:Defined with Raymond de Villiers, and Parenting Matters 2.0, with many other writing projects on the go.
Nikki is widely respected for her trusted, independent and informed opinion about matters related to raising the next generation of talent including child development, family, technology, work-life balance, the future world of work, games and toys, learning and play. She helps parents, educators and business people to redefine what talent means and provides talent interventions for companies helping them to increase their engagement and retention levels with their Millennials/young talent. 
Nikki writes a weekly column called Parenting Matters® which is used in many school newsletters and on corporate intranets around the country. She is a prolific speaker on the education circuit having spoken at most major education and school heads conferences around South Africa in the past eight years, and more recently she went on a speaking tour to Hong Kong. Her work is as relevant here as it is overseas. Nikki is passionate about supporting the teaching and therapy professions in their role of raising the next generation of talent and she presents at schools across the spectrum including training teachers in squatter camps.
Nikki has a very large digital footprint and mainstream media presence. She is a regular guest on radio and TV and is often quoted in the print media, averaging well over 140 appearances every year. She is the parenting expert on SABC TV3’s Expresso and is the resident family and parenting expert on Radio 702.
Nikki is a guest lecturer at Wits Business School, GIBS & Henley. She is a professional member of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa of which she is a founding member. In 2016 Nikki received her CSP™ (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association in the US. It is the highest earned international recognition for professional speakers who speak for a living. Nikki is one of just over 600 speakers in the world to hold this designation. In South Africa she is the 10 th speaker to acquire her CSP and is one of only four women to achieve it.
Nikki has been married to Simon for 25 years, they have two sons aged 17 and 22 and they live in Johannesburg. Her children are the light of her life and the inspiration for much of her work. Family is an extremely high value for Nikki who believes that strong societies are built on the foundation of strong family life just as good matric results rest on good foundations that are laid in the preschool years.


Everyone today is busy. Multi-tasking has become our default setting and we find ourselves with diminishing quality time for relationships both at work and at home. It is as if we are becoming human doings instead of the human beings we were born to be.
Guilt seems to lie just below the surface for many of us as we strive for that elusive ‘work-life balance’, often feeling like we aren’t able to produce our A-game consistently in any sphere of our lives. It is guilt that reduces productivity and performance in our personal and professional lives, interfering with our ability to be truly present wherever we are and lowering our levels of engagement with each other.
If you want joy and quality relationships back in your life you need to learn how to connect effectively with others on the run – despite your busyness. Speaker and author Nikki Bush is renowned for her expertise in managing, educating and parenting talent for the new world of work. In her Connecting on the Run workshop she introduces the concept of cheating time and turning ordinary moments into extraordinary ones by using the analogy of parent-child dynamics, how we all play the attention-seeking game and understanding some basic drivers of human nature.
Nikki will share her secrets with delegates about how to use the time they already spend with each other in the office, or with their partners and children at home, more effectively. This insightful talk is peppered with personal anecdotes and Nikki will help you to discover what being present really feels like through a fun and interactive dice-game process that is not to be missed.
For the parents in the room, Nikki will shift the idea that parenting is the second job of the day, reframing it as a powerful personal development adventure – part of who you are not just what you do. If you are long on love and short on time in any sphere of your life, you must attend this session.
Take-homes from Connecting on the Run include:
  • Discovering the art of presence
  • Rekindling the human connection with colleagues & breaking down barriers
  • Acquiring an understanding of human behavior that applies to teams and employees
  • as much as it does to families
  • The power of play in human connection
  • Dozens of games to use as ice breakers in meetings or the training room or for
  • creating quality time moments with your children on the run if you are a parent
  • Appreciating the demands on working parents and reframing time
  • How to read your everyone’s needs better at work and at home
  • How important it is to fill your own emotional cup
  • How to drop your guilt, whether you are a parent or not, to be more focused and
  • perform better at work

Get Outta Your Head team building workshop

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Parenting on the Run

A poignant, fun and interactive workshop to help pre- and primary school parents with work-life balance. Discover how to stay connected to your children despite your busyness through the art of being truly present.

Raising Young Talent for the New World of Work

Spending too much time trying to smooth the path for our children has become counter-productive and we should rather prepare our children for a fast-changing path.

Rave Reviews

  • More than a speech – a profoundly moving experience!
  • You made me laugh, you made me cry, you made me sit up and think.
  • You have blown me away. I don’t have to feel guilty anymore.
  • Thank you for encouraging me to get out of my head and connect with my children.
  • As a single mother, this workshop has been my saving grace. Thank you.
  • Thank you for helping me see how connecting more creatively and being more present with my children means I will have to discipline less.
  • What a great reminder that simpler is better.
  • You blew my mind and opened my heart.
  • Really empowering in its simplicity.
  • Thank you for reminding me to be more playful and to have fun myself at home and at work.

Nikki Bush


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