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Dr. Habib Noorbhai (Former Mr South Africa 2017) is a Senior Researcher in Sports Science at the University of Johannesburg, and a Health and Wellness consultant. He is also a keynote speaker and presenter. He completed a BA in Sport Psychology (UJ), Honours in Biokinetics (UKZN), MPhil in Biokinetics (UCT) and a PhD in Exercise Science at UCT.

In 2013, he was among South Africa’s 100 brightest young minds and in 2015, he was nominated among Mail and Guardians top 200 young South Africans. He was also included in Fast Company South Africa’s Top 30 creative people in business for 2017.

He is also a frequent expert guest on Cape Talk and Radio702 discussing relevant topics on sports science, exercise, health, community engagement and leadership.


1. How can you become more productive and deliverable in the work place? (Category: Business, Leadership and Inspiration)

Through an array of experiences as an academic, sportsman, health professional, humanitarian and speaker, Habib Noorbhai has experienced a ratio of 4:1 (speak:doing) when working with people. Habib feels that individuals and societies can only be successful if this ratio is reversed (1:4 - speak:doing). As such, Habib has
become the first Action Speaker in the world. Through his action talks, he influences people/organisations to turn their ideas into action, leave the room not only with a plan of action but with a foundation for action, and how to avoid productivity killers in the workplace. His sessions are not only thought provoking but engaging, practical and figuring out your "why." 


2. Life stamina: Is it born or bred? (Category: Business, Leadership, Sport and Inspiration)

We often place limits on what we can do and what we have the potential of achieving. We often underestimate how far one can go and the ultimatum of terminating or continuing. In every aspect of life, there is something called Stamina, not just within sport or exericse. The aim of this inspiring, enthused and motivated talk will be geared towards what and how you can see through your desired goals, accomplishments and targets, effectively and meticulously.

3. A healthy lifestyle in the 21 st century (Category: Health and Wellness)

Dr. Habib Noorbhai shares his views on nutrition, physical activity, exercise and health in his presentation entitled: a Revolutionary Healthy Lifestyle Approach.  The main concepts under discussion are: the correlation between physical activity and weight loss and obesity; the science behind burning fat for energy and insulin
regulation; the influence of modern era technology on our health; and the power of mind behind health. The presentation is aimed at professional athletes/sportsmen and women, service providers, allied health professionals and general members of the public who want to take positive steps to promoting their health and well-being.

Habib Noorbhai


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