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GG was raised in a mud hut in one of the most poverty stricken and violent parts of KwaZulu-Natal, Msinga. GG’s community activist parents Neil and Creina Alcock raised their two sons in a Zulu community living in a hut with no running water, electricity or modern conveniences, instead growing up like young Zulu’s hunting and herding in the hills. Home schooled, GG is fluent in Zulu and intimate with local African cultures while also conversant in many other South African ethnic languages.


After a stint in the military, GG worked for a number of anti-apartheid activist organisations primarily in the land sector fighting for the rights of black people dispossessed of their land. GG’s name was given to him by the Zulu’s reflecting on this work and his parents fight against Government (uGG) injustices, named Marc he has always chosen his Zulu name.


With the changes brought about by the unbanning of the ANC and new dispensation GG moved into business, where he is founder, CEO and creative director of Minanawe Marketing. Minanawe is the leading activations agency in the South African mass market, where his unique upbringing has given him the ability to unearth unique insights and creatively apply these to marketing solutions for a number of multinational companies.


GG is very happily married to Sue, and has two very beautiful blonde daughters; Zandi and Consi who he insists in Zulu fashion he can expect lots of lobola for one of these days. GG lives in Joburg although his love for Africa and being African, leads him on many explorations of the continent. GG’s staff are convinced that he never works but spends as much time as possible on one or other adventure – motorcycling across deserts and mountains, mountain biking among Zulu villages, paragliding or kayaking. ‘It’s not true,’ says GG, ‘I don’t spend enough time doing this!’


GG Alcock


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