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Summary Profile

Having been involved in many diverse businesses (accountant, HR Director, social entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, consultant, CEO of two NPO’s and author) Craig has a rich understanding of people and how to move an audience.  He has worked extensively in the non-profit sector and as a consultant to the corporate sector in training, strategy and human resource development. Some of his accomplishments include: 

  • Co-founder and leader of the African Dream Trust, 

  • CEO of Outward Bound SA 

  • Founder and Director of Empowa Consulting (Pty) Ltd. 


Craig currently runs ‘Father A Nation’ (FAN) which he founded in 2013. FAN is an NPO that restores and equips men to be great fathers. He believes if we can restore men and fathers we can heal the world.  When he’s not on a stage talking you can probably find him walking up the mountain in Cape Town where he lives with his wife and two children Luke (22) and Blythe (19)


His notable publication “DAD – The Power and Beauty of Authentic Fatherhood” has had multiple print runs and is available at major bookstores and on Amazon. This book underpins his passion for the restoration of men to true masculinity and authentic fatherhood. Listen to Craig’s talk on manhood from the 2014 TEDx event in Cape Town at




Typical Introduction

Craig is the author of “DAD – The Power and Beauty of Authentic Fatherhood”. He has a passion for the restoration of men to true masculinity and authentic fatherhood and spoke on the topic of manhood at the 2014 TEDx event in Cape Town. Craig currently runs “Father A Nation” (FAN) which he founded in 2013. FAN is an NPO which restores and equips men to be great fathers. He believes that if we can restore men and fathers we can heal the world.


  • Principles of excellence - This enlightening presentation discusses what excellence is and how to achieve it. It dispels misconceptions and fears about excellence and helps delegates develop a simple and effective strategy for excellence in both their working and personal life. It takes a refreshing look at what excellence is and presents ten principles of how to achieve it. 

  • Personal effectiveness - The ability to manage ourselves and our interactions with other people are the two most important skills in our working and private lives. Managing our own thoughts, feelings and actions well and developing good interpersonal skills will lead to success and effectiveness at work and at home. This presentation deals with these crucial competencies and equips participants with knowledge and skills to significantly improve their effectiveness.

  • Understanding the Masculine and Feminine Soul – Men and women are equal but stunningly different. Yet because we don’t understand the differences we often miss and offend each other.  This talk provides deep insight into what drives us as men and women, what wounds us, how we respond to life’s challenges and how we can work together in a creative dance to build a wonderful world.

  • Why Men Behave the Way They Do – It’s a common joke that men are much simpler to understand than women, but are they really? This presentation looks at what is at the core of a man’s soul, what motivates men, why they do the things they do, why so many men are wounded but will never admit it and how women can understand the often peculiar behaviour of their partners, fathers and sons.

  • The real reasons behind gender based violence and how to fix it – This insightful presentation addresses the serious matter of why men misuse their strength and what we need to do to stop it happening. It looks at what true masculinity is and how it goes wrong.  It comes from the premise that true masculinity is a wonderful gift to humanity but false or wounded masculinity is a dreadful curse. It provides critical insight into the reasons why South Africa experiences such high levels of rape and abuse and offers real solutions.

  • Fatherhood and the 12 Dadverbs – fathers are their son’s first hero and their daughter’s first romance.  How men father their children and live their lives impact their children profoundly and forever, yet very few men grow up with a good model of what it means to be a dad.  This talk presents the 12 crucial principles every father needs to know and practise to be a great dad.

  • Keys for successful Socio Economic Development in SA speaking from his many years of experience in the NGO sector in diverse communities around South Africa, Craig discusses the critical success factors that will make or break any socio-economic development project.  

Rave Reviews

“The world needs more Craigs! He zoomed into a deep personal space for all the delegates; male and female that left us forever thinking about masculinity in an entirely new way”.

Pierre De Villiers: Marketing Director Tiger Brands


“Craig’s knowledge and willingness to share his personal experiences captivated all of us. The impact of his delivery continues to resonate in the organisation and I’m personally encouraged by the testimonies and affirmation shared by our employees”. 

Ntsoaki Mokori, Avis Fleet, Manager: Learning and Development 


“The presentations Craig delivered on EXCELLENCE has brought about remarkable change to our Dealer Network”.

Musa Vilakazi, Fiat Chrysler, Aftersales Head: Marketing and Communication


“Craig’s talk was such a hit, we had to have him back to speak at another event. Craig is a World Class Speaker and I highly recommend him for any organization that is looking at inspiring their guests with his high-impact interactive talks”. 

Gwen Kloppers, CEO & Founder: Xtraordinary Women


“Craig has a wonderful talent for public speaking that moves his audience not only with the content of his delivery and his sincerity, but also his humility and genuine love of humanity”. 

Denise Erasmus, PRINCIPAL, Llandudno Primary School

Craig Wilkinson


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