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Roy Gluckman is a qualified attorney of the High Court of South Africa. Roy obtained his Bachelor of Business Science degree from the University of Cape Town in 2009, after which he obtained his LLB from the same institution in 2011. He completed his contract of articles at one of the top law firms in South Africa. Roy has been conducting his Diversity and Inclusions presentations for the past five years. After being unable to reconcile the fact that diversity education was not being taught at school level, Roy developed a diversity education programme to conduct during the school lesson for high schools across South Africa. Roy has conducted his programme at over 20 schools and taught over 6000 learners. Upon graduation, and entering the corporate world, Roy discovered that the same lack, of social education around diversity existed at corporate level. Inspired once again to continue his mission of diversity education, Roy began pushing his programme to a broader category of person, corporate South Africa and beyond. South Africans are an emotional and diverse people. Too often policies that are intended to unite us, serve only to further divide us. Transformation is one of these policies. But why? Is the policy flawed? Is the implementation skewed? Or does it manage to divide us only because we don’t truly understand what transformation is, what we are building and why transformation is necessary in that process? I would argue that it is the latter question that currently hinders organisations’ affirmative action policies from flourishing, as well as impedes the creation of inclusive working environments in corporate South Africa. One of the main reasons as to why South Africans struggle with understanding and accepting transformation policies is that these policies are rooted in a sensitive and “taboo” subject: race and diversity. Instead of discussing and acknowledging race and diversity as that which defines us, South Africans have been duped into thinking that race and diversity should be ignored as it is that which divides us. This is the social struggle that South Africa faces: how do we acknowledge diversity as our strength and not as the “challenge” we need to overcome? How do we embrace the uncomfortable differences of others in order to create stronger outputs? How can we understand our own context and the contexts of other in order to foster our empathy and diversity quotients (DQ)?


  • Diversity & Inclusions

  • Transformation & B-BBEE

  • Nation Building

  • Social Education & Race Relations

  • Leadership

  • Management Style Support in South Africa 2015

  • The role of the manager in a diverse team

  • The role of an organisation in a diverse world

  • Future Working Skills

  • Future Management Skills

  • Motivational Speaker: On Why South Africa’s Diversity Makes Us The Strongest Country In The World

Roy Gluckman


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