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Who is LiveWire Improv?

Lead by veteran improviser and comedian, Al Prodgers, the regular players are Melt Sieberhagen, Monique Nortje and Hannes Brummer. The team has worked together for several years in a huge variety of comedy club and corporate/conference scenarios.

What is Livewire?

Comedy Improvisation (Improv) is a live performance, undertaken by a team of 3 or 4 experienced comedians who dare to entertain the audience without any aid of a script.
They are guided by suggestions from the audience, using this input to play a series of games and sketches, the content of which is entirely made up on the spot.
Their purpose is always to give the audience maximum fun and laughter, but while there is plenty of off-the-cuff hijinks to delight the crowd, the process has much broader business applications.

Serious Fun:
Any improvisation game unfolds according to discernible principles, which also hold true for serious creative thinking.
The inventiveness and quick responses that the audience enjoys when watching the show are skills that can be taught and acquired by anyone.
Using the methodology of improvisation helps everyone think on their feet in high-pressure situations, develop effective group brainstorming skills, increase their awareness and sensitivity to others in the workplace and to have the necessary flexibility to innovate and reap the benefits of innovation.

The LiveWire Improv players, are able to use these games/sketches to communicate new ideas and as a catalyst to spark new strategies empowering audience members to perform at their best. The results are the transformation of personal thought-space and group workspace
It’s fitting that the slogan of LiveWire Improv is “Innovation Ignition”.

LiveWire Improv


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